Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bentivolio: I'm a Reagan Man, Not a Ron Paul Man

Screaming Lord Skull emails:

Wow. Did I just hear a rooster crow?
"I'm really a Ronald Reagan Republican — I'm not really a Ron Paul person. I respect Ron Paul a great deal," said Kerry Bentivoli (R-MI), who has libertarian leanings just like the retired Texas congressman who ran for president last year.

From The Detroit News:


  1. Wrong on both counts...he's not a man at all.

  2. Too bad for Bentivoli. He should pick his role models more carefully.

  3. Okay.
    So any admiration and hope i had for Bentivolio just went out the window. I don't recall him saying anything close to this before he got elected. But now all of a sudden he embraces a guy that grew the state with a mealy mouth full of libertarian platitudes.

    I now understand why he voted for Boehner.

    That leaves precisely ZERO people in politics i have hopes for.

  4. He's basically admitting that he'll use libertarian rhetoric to achieve statist ends.

    1. All winning republicans seem to do just that. The old saying is, "run as a Libertarian; govern as a Democrat" fits too well.

  5. So in other words he's a big government fascist. Got it. Just another sociopath.

  6. I like him. Lets see how he votes but just remember he's not in a safe district by any means so has to play the game.

  7. They all have to play the game. And the name of the game is "whores".

  8. I knew it would only be a matter of time before EPJ would catch him.Now all of them have a blemished record, right?

    This guy kind of accidentally won anyway, and I never heard much really good or bad about him. Definite improvement over Thaddeus McCotter, but probably not enough.

    Keep holding their feet to the fire, go after them when they fail, and make sure to praise them when they earn it. So far I think EPJ is doing a pretty good job at that.

  9. Who? Bentivolio? Is he an Italian opera star? A member of the Bolshoi Ballet? Maybe a winger for Arsenal? Oh, he's an American politician? That makes him a sellout rather than someone who actually puts out a product or service people want. And I'm very sorry, but I no longer follow the lose-lose game of politics.
    (Unfortunately, as Lenin once said, "You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.". Is it too soon to buy a rope???)

  10. The picture says it all. This is an evil guy who wants the power that is politics: reward your friend, punish your enemies and continue to erode personal liberty.

  11. If Harry Browne ran against Ron Paul, I'd vote for Harry Browne and Ron Paul would have to change his platform.

    Ronald Reagan suckered me twice, the second time I have less excuses for. My dad told me at the time I was a Libertarian, and that was the first time I had ever heard of the term. I asked him for material on them and he said he didn’t have any, but he knew it couldn’t work. You see my dad didn’t have to read anything to know something wouldn’t work, which is not the way I am wired.

    Years later when the internet first came out I looked up Libertarian remembering what my dad had said to me back then. I realized that I had always been a libertarian, but I was very unorthodox about it because all I had was what was in my gut. Lacking anything to read my dad, being a veterinarian, talked me into socialized medicine in two minutes. Ha ha ha…he did. I could have very easily been talked back out of it permanently though if Rothbard or somebody like that had been there.

  12. Caveat Emptor!

    Before voting for a politician, still less campaigning for him, try to access his record. Everyone has SOME record, a blog or website on the internet, letters to the editor, speeches to civic organizations, contributions to policy groups or advocacy groups and so on.

    A contributor to e.g. the American Enterprise Institute is going to be a VERY different type of Republican than a contributor to e.g. the Mises Institue. A subscriber (and perhaps a contributor) to e.g. Reason Magazine is going to be very different than say, the Weekly Standard, and both will be very different than a subscriber to e.g. Chronicles or American Conservative.

    In addition is he moving "freedomward"? Has he joined the Gun Owners of America instead of the all-too-compromising NRA? Don't be ashamed of asking candidates, ESPECIALLY Republicans, what he is doing about sanctions against Iran, N. Korea, or Cuba. What does he think about the "Patriot Act" or the horrid NDAA totalitarian measures? How much does he support drug legalization (OK-this is a sensitive issue, but even allowing State control over it) would be a step in the right direction as far as Republicans go. Civil liberties and foreign policy are issues that would have exposed him before he fooled too many Ron Paul supporters into electing him to Congress!

    We have a big job to do, whether Bentivolio is a Ron Paul Republican or not. We have to grow an ever larger constituency of liberty out here, large enough and noisy enough, to get the attention of the Congressvermin in DC. We also have to cultivate enough libertarians to successfully challenge these sneaks in Congressional primaries. One way or another, truth will out!


  13. And the GOP clowns just keep on comin'!

  14. And the GOP fools just keep on a comin'!

  15. He says he's a Ronald Reagan man, not a Ron Paul man - Ha! Reagan, as in the big spending, debt increasing, Iran arms dealing, drug running Conservative Commander-in-Chief - Reagan was another Puppet, an actor and another great passionate orator that's it