Friday, January 25, 2013

Bill Maher On Guns And Civil Liberties In America

Bill Maher on the 2nd amendment and Police State USA.

"The only thing that still has bipartisan support in Washington is not giving a shit about civil liberties. And now, the only rights we have left are the guns and no civil liberties left to use the guns to protect. We're like a strip club with a million bouncers and no strippers."

(ht Daily Bail)


  1. What he should point out, and maybe he does later on, is that the real hypocracy is on the left that protested the loss of these liberties when GWB enacted them into law. Now that their guy is in office, not a peep, not a sound from them. I would watch the entire video but I can't stand this hater (he's the front man for the left wing hate machine). Notice how he paints the image of those that support the 2nd amendment as backwoods Southern types running around in camouflage pants. Obviously he's not intelligent enough to understand that he is doing the same thing bigots and racists do when they view black people in hoodies as criminals. I have several guns, don't hunt, don't wear camouflage anything and have far more education than Bill does and in a subject matter far more difficult than his history degree.

  2. One of the most dangerous shills in Media today... A truly despicable mouthpiece for the PTB, twisting the truth to appear to be against them while in fact supporting their cause. Fortunately I still have freedom of choice to not watch this scumbag.

  3. Don't be fooled. By "civil liberties" all Maher has in mind is marijuana and gay marriage. He doesn't go nearly far enough to justify his use of the phrase.

  4. He tries to create the image that without guns, Obama will force everyone to gay marry. No, the 2nd amendment is there to keep the government from exterminating gays or any other group that engages in behavior that a government might disagree with. The 2nd amendment protects the other 9 Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, it's not working.

  5. A lot of the stuff the government is doing right now, illegal wire tapping, keeping tabs on people, looking at your "supposedly" private information, etc, is stuff that my generation protested against, including the farce in Vietnam, back in the 1960's &1970's. It's nothing new. We have to keep protesting, but honestly it didn't help much then and now that the government is even bigger I don't hold out much hope for now either. Big brother is a part of our lives, and I speak from personal experience, so we just have to stay vigilant.

    1. Are you repeating the same behavior expecting a different outcome, Bob? Protesting, voting, and complaining all have the same affect: none. (Other than creating conflict between people, while our handlers rob us blind.)

    2. The only consolation I can muster is that this farce of a government cannot continue forever. At some point the music stops and there are far too few (financial) chairs for all the dancers.

      When the crack up boom comes, the State as it exists now will go down with it.

      What comes after that nobody knows, but hopefully there will be little bloodshed and a return to local control.

  6. Sure, we can own guns. It seems most states don't allow open carry. This is nonsense. On public property, gun owners should be able to carry everywhere.

    Only private citizens should be able to restrict guns on their own property. What is the sense of having a gun if you can't protect yourself all the time? That is one strike for more liberty that escaped Bill Maher's dirty mind.

  7. Maher has indeed bitched in the past about the drug war, the patriot act, drone strikes, etc - so what does he do? Gives one million dollars and open support to Obama, who thus far has been the worst President on civil liberties since FDR.

    He is a typical bullshitting leftist who only cares about civil liberty and war when it isn't a Democrat doing all of the damage.

    I do have to laugh that he correctly views the patriot act, ndaa, etc as an attack on civil liberties, but the same people trying to do the same stuff on gun rights is not.