Monday, January 28, 2013

Bitcoins Gains May Fuel Central Bank Concerns

Bloomberg's Max Raskin emails:

hey bob, 
thought you might like this chart of the day we have on how the central banks are fearing the virtual currencies:

Read some of the comment (here) -- pretty funny stuff 



    Here is another look at the ECB and their fear of Bitcoin.

  2. Given the banks are now turning the screws on firearm manufacturers, Bitcoin could become of great use to the manufacturers.

  3. Truly laughable that the ECB is calling Bitcoin a "Ponzi scheme" when the ECB itself is operating one of the worlds largest.

    Honestly, don't they realize what complete boobs they are - that the world sees them for the complete bumbling incompetent bozos that they are? The fools have become the laughing stock of the worlds financial system (right behind the Fed).

    It's to the point that the only people that will listen to bankers are other bankers, and like Sesame Street muppets they all sit around in a circle nodding their heads going "Yup...yup, yup, yup, yup." At any moment I expect a big hook to reach out from behind the curtain and drag these clowns from the world stage...

  4. I read a comment over @ Zerohedge that I felt was funny and worth posting by the contributor "Silver is King", enjoy:


    I have developed another form of money if anyone is interested.

    Everyone, I'd like to introduce ShitCoin™

    Anyone can produce it and mold it into coin shaped objects. All one needs to do is eat, wait about 8-10 hours, and voila!!!

    Just grab some, flatten it out, and cut into a disc shaped object of any size. You may want to wait a while before flattening depending upon what you ate. Once the coin has hardened, you've got a ShitCoin™.

    Each ShitCoin™ has a unique DNA and this makes it one of the most trusted forms of payment by vendors around the world.

    I'm selling ShitCoin's if anyone is interested and I will accept US Dollars or any other fiat currency. $10 US for a 3 lbs bag plus $5 for shipping and handling.

    1. Krugman finds your idea intriguing.

    2. I can't claim it as my idea, I just posted it because I thought it was funny.

      Obviously some didn't think so and decided it was worth trying to compare an actual shitcoin to a virtual bitcoin, I guess in an effort to legitimize bitcoin instead of just enjoying the joke.

  5. @Nick, how many Scoins were sold in the last 24 hours at US$10 for a 3lb bag? Would be interesting to compare to Bitcoins which had 64,000+ volume at about $18.50 each or $1.184m of total volume.