Monday, January 28, 2013

Judas Christie Proposes $1 Minimum-Wage Increase

One of the most evil attacks on free markets comes in the form of minimum wage laws. It makes it most difficult for the least skilled to find jobs.

None other than Cato Institute friend, Chris Christie is calling for a hike in the minimum wage in the state that he lords over, New Jersey.

Christie has proposed increasing the state’s minimum wage by $1 over a phase- in period of three years, reports Bloomberg. This is the Christie version of "compromise."  Democrats sought to raise the wage to $8.50 an hour in March from $7.25 and tie future increases to changes in the CPI.

In other words, Christie is saying let's make it impossible for the unskilled to find jobs, but not so many and not so fast. But one wonders if the Cato friend gets the harm he is doing. Showing no clue as to how the minimum wage would hurt the unskilled, Christie said in a statement that the Democrats’ measure was “lopsided” because it would harm small businesses while helping wage earners. It's as if he thinks the wage of all minimum wage workers can be raised to a new level, even though their marginal revenue product may be less than the wage.

Day by day, this Cato cover looks more and more absurd.


  1. Anyone advocating a minimum wage of any kind is either an economic ignoramus or simply playing to populist sympathies. With Christie, I suspect it is the latter.

    If a $1 per hour increase would benefit those on the lower rung, how about getting really serious and making it $100 per hour? Sure, it's absurd, but so is any mandatory wage rate.

  2. HAHA... THIS GUY! Since he became a liberal he enjoys all the positive attention and money.

  3. Judas Christie vs Rand Paul 2016(not primary) presidential race.

  4. These shitheads would eat their own children in order to get reelected.

  5. New Jersey is what I like to call a "purple state."

    Rossini and I hold the distinction of being the only two sane people in the state that don't worship at the altar of his Lord Fatness.