Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BLOWBACK: American hostages seized in attack on gas facility in Algeria

WaPo reports an unspecified number of Americans were taken hostage by Islamist guerrillas early Wednesday in a brazen attack on a remote gas-production facility in Algeria, the U.S. State Department said.

The attack -- which reportedly resulted in the death of two people and the capture of several dozen foreign workers, most of them European -- appeared to be retaliation for Algeria's decision to allow France to use its airspace to send warplanes to neighboring Mali, where French forces have been conducting airstrikes and support operations to aid Malian troops in their battle against Islamic insurgents.

This is primary blowback against Algeria, but may not be good for the Americans,as the US is meddling in the war between France and Mali on the side of France.


  1. "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."

    What kind of blowback will come from meddling with China? Chinese companies are currently in Africa trying to exploit their resources. The US just sent troops into 35 African countries. What are the chances that either A) there will be mission creep or B) we are not really there to suppress 'terrorism'?

    China is surrounded with US military bases. The US strives to control the Chinese oil trade route. Add to that the currency war, and you have a clear path to the next world war.

  2. Have we invaded or bombed Algeria yet? I can't keep track. If not, I'm sure preparations are in the works to rain freedom and democracy on some more brown people.


    Really? I would have guessed it was just violating the NAP.

  4. US troops have been in Mali since at least 2010: None of this African buildup has come as a surprise to anybody other than NPR Radio.