Sunday, January 27, 2013

Job Opening: Become Israel's Next Finance Minister

 Zvi Zrahiya reports for Haaretz:
The job of finance minister, highly-prized during the term of the outgoing Knesset, has turned into a hot potato in the coalition that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to form. At the moment, no one is angling to grab the post other than the incumbent finance minister, Yuval Steinitz ‏(Likud‏).
Whoever is finance minister in the next government must present plans to cut the budget by NIS 15 billion.There may also be no alternative to increasing taxes to generate additional revenue. By deciding what should be cut, the new finance minister could become a ready target of the public’s wrath, perhaps damaging a budding political career.
Sound like serious budget problems in the 51st state. I wonder if Rand Paul considers an attack by bond vigilantes on Israeli debt  an attack on US Treasury debt?


  1. I hope more Randbots finally realize that Rand is just another neocon. The punk acts as if Israel is the 51st state for God's sake!

    Hey Rand....guess what? There are 50 states in the union NOT 51! Israel is Israel's problem...not the US government's.

  2. Easy job really, just stand outside congress with tin cup in hand yelling "Alms for the Zionists, alms for the bankers, please sir, can't you spare some of that fiat money for the less fortunate?"