Monday, January 7, 2013

Popcorn Time: Alex Jones to Debate Piers Morgan LIVE!

Piers Morgan will have Alex Jones on his CNN show, Piers Morgan Tonight, Live on Monday, January 7, 2013 at 9pm ET.

Alex will destroy this guy.

UPDATE: Apparently, Jones will also be debating Alan Dershowitz, who will be on the show.

Here's Alex announcing the details:


(ht Travis Holte)


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  2. Alex Jones thinks:
    -Thinks juices boxes are making more people gay
    -911 was an inside job
    -vaccines cause autism
    -subscribes to nativist nonsense on immigration

    He's a nutjob.

    1. Okay cool.

      Also, he will still destroy the ever smug Pee-Airs Morgan. His passion, and sometimes downright anger, will be humorously in action against the not so beloved British socialist.

      Who cares where Jones goes off the deep end on other topics? This will make the verbal exchange all the better.

      *Pass the popcorn

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    3. #1 - Uh...not exactly sure what you mean. But an informed person such as myself might guess that there are estrogens in the juice boxes? Estrogens have been shown to increase femininity in a number of physiological areas.

      #2 & #3 - Very strong evidence in support of both of these. Not to say that AJ knows EXACTLY what's up with these, but he's a lot closer than the mainstream that tells you building 7 came down at a free fall without ever being hit by a plane and that you can shoot yourself up with toxic doses of mercury 50 times in the first 3 years of your life with no negative consequences.

      #4 - I'm in the dark on this one. Only thing I'll say is that just because it ain't PC, that doesn't make it "nonsense."

      Overall, you come off as the typical dolt I run into around town who is eager to tell me how we could right the ship if only we could get Romney in instead of Obama.

    4. He's just the kind of "nutjob" we need.

      Whether the government was behind 9/11 or not, they have gained tremendous power from that event, and they have made a banner out of it. It also proves that they are incapable of protecting us, at the least.

      Donald Miller, M.D., cardiac surgeon and contributor to, is anti-vaccine; people are receiving too many of them too young. Read his posts. The experts seem to have no idea what causes autism, or even if autism really exists. To me, it's a tentative label: they lump together people with neurological problems where medicine has only begun to scratch the surface.

      Immigration is helping to overwhelm the welfare state and disrupt the cultural unity of the nation. No sensible person would want to eliminate immigration, but the Founders were very cautious in their dicussions of who should be admitted to the country. Few civilizations had experience with individual liberty and still do not. See a brief discussion of this in Tom Woods' Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

      Who really cares about the juice box comment? Every human being on this planet has stupid opinions. Take a look at the world around you. I say it is far more unstable and unhealthy than Alex Jones.

      Calling someone nuts is the easiest way to dismiss them. If nothing else, at least he provides an outlet where people can turn besides listening to the drones on television and other mainstream media. People can dismiss some of the things he says, but at least they are getting an alternative viewpoint. They're thinking. Some of them are reading.

      If only more Americans read books of various time periods. They would realize how out of sync we are with the best minds of the past. Honest intellectuals were conscientious, and thought about significant issues for long periods of time. We have had modern intellectuals, like Mises and Rothbard, who became bridges to the past. How many people are thinking today?

    5. 911 wasn't an inside job? Really? I'm so relieved to know that the criminal organization known as the US gov has never been involved in false flag operations before. Thank gawd because now I can return to my slumber of blissful ignorance...

    6. I like it how the guy who expresses extreme distrust of the State is considered a nut job by you, but you don't have anything to say about the guy who has extreme faith in the State. It seems like there are a lot of libertarians that are terrified about being looked down on by a bunch of sociopathic statists, and are very hateful about guys who don't hate the State in the "right way". Alex Jones is the nut job, but uber statist Piers Morgan is sane, right?

    7. Zsignal believes everything the government tells him.SHEEEEEEP

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    9. Anyone who believes the official account of 911 is the nut job in my eyes. Especially when you consider some of the things a 911 commission member had to say...

      CLELAND: Absolutely. I did not know that there was an FBI informant in San Diego that was living with two of the hijackers, and that the FBI headquarters in Washington didn't even tell him that they should have been basically being looked at because the CIA didn't tell the FBI.

      And the NSA didn't pass it on to the CIA or the FBI. They were picking up intelligence as early as 1994 about a potential attack in this country using aircraft. What we have here is a devastating indictment of the intelligence community.

      Uh oh....then later.....

      October 26, 2003
      Max Cleland, the former Democratic senator from Georgia, became the first panel member to say publicly that the commission could not complete its work by its May 2004 deadline and the first to accuse the White House of withholding classified information from the panel for purely political reasons.

      "It's obvious that the White House wants to run out the clock here," he said in an interview in Washington. "It's Halloween, and we're still in negotiations with some assistant White House counsel about getting these documents — it's disgusting."

      He said that the White House and President Bush's re-election campaign had reason to fear what the commission was uncovering in its investigation of intelligence and law enforcement failures before Sept. 11. "As each day goes by, we learn that this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before Sept. 11 than it has ever admitted."

      Then consider this...

      In 2011 came the bombshell confirmation by Richard Clarke, White House anti-terror co-ordinator at the time of the attacks, that, based on his unrivalled vantage point at the top of the intelligence pyramid, the CIA must have made what Clarke calls a "decision" to allow the alleged 9/11 hijackers to operate freely in the US and hidden the decision from him.

      Clarke's assessment should have unleashed a tidal wave of horror worldwide, but it didn't. Let's say it again: the man best placed to judge is now clear that 9/11 took place as a result of a "decision" at the CIA. Having told the public for ten years that 9/11 was entirely explicable as the result of a conspiracy by skilled and cunning Islamic fanatics, few in the media had the time or the stomach to check these new fact, corroborated by FBI's Al Qaeda expert Ali Soufan. This is the same media cartel that failed to challenge the deceitful weapons of mass destruction story used by Bush and Blair to justify the second post 9/11 war, the invasion of Iraq.

      Still, Clarke's bombshell seems to have started journalists and editors thinking and perhaps paying less attention to the shills that infest mainstream media offices using the "conspiracy theory" slur to block unwelcome lines of investigation.

  3. How come he has to take on two douchebags? Why not add Larry Pratt as backup so it's an even 2-on-2.

    Oh, because gun grabbers don't want to debate, they want to emote and bloviate.

  4. To properly set the tone of the debate the first question Jones should ask Dershowitz is whether a more intrusive form of central planning could have prevented the interior decorating disaster that occured in his house.

    1. HA! Well played, sir. I can't remember the last time I watched CNN but I'll definitely watch this. Thanks for the tip, Bob.

    2. Good one Nick! I searched "Alan Dershowitz home" to see what you were talking about.

      It looks like Andy Warhol puked all over his living space. Do you think he drinks out of juice boxes? Haha.

    3. In a shameless plug for Wenzel-Mr. Anonymous, I would point out you should always search for any oblique comment information made here via EPJ first.

      It was Wenzel that first pointed out Dershowitz's failure to properly Feng Shui his home.

      I simply made it a mildly funny inside joke based on the circumstances.


  5. Alex Jones may not be available later after all:

  6. I'm listening to the show now and the fill-in host has repeatedly said he's en route to New York now.

  7. I don't think this will go well for Jones. This has set-up written all over it. Jones can be volatile (see the Rothschild interview) and they will exploit it. This is more to discredit him as an alternative news source than anything. The big tell will be how they introduce him to viewers right off the bat. Oh yes Mr. Jones, please come on CNN for an interview. You think these guys are going to want Jones to get more readers/viewers? Doubt it. I'll hope for the best, but Jones is not Larry Platt. My guess is this interview digresses into one messy shouting match.

    1. That didn't take very long... "Here is my position loud & clear: I am in favor of a nationwide ban on military-style semi-automatic assault weapons and high capacity magazines. I want to close the gun show loophole and require private dealers to run background checks on buyers at gun shows. And I want the President to increase Federal funding for the mental health treatment for all Americans that need it. I think these are entirely reasonable reactions to the outrages that happened in America over the last few months. Tonight, I will go head to head with a man who actually wants to deport me for having these very views." Oh boy... Too bad the majority of Americans are on the wrong side of the IQ distribution and can't even tell when the issues are being framed for them...

  8. The difference between Alex Jones and every other person who has debated gun laws with piers, is that Alex will bring proof, and validation for all of his points for the record, and documented. I cannot wait to see this. My guess is Piers is going to repeat the same line over and over again. And as soon as he runs out of idiot statements to spew at alex hes going to start his ad hominem bullshit and start calling Alex stupid, and other names and insults because he's not intelligent enough to have a debate about facts.

  9. Mr. Jones need only do what Mr. Pratt did- calmly point out the facts and let Mr. Morgan destroy his own credibility. Yes, pass the popcorn.

  10. Nutjob.....right. Perfect example of mainstream media working it's magic on the weak minded.

    1. surprized they did not do the interview during the superbowl instead of the college football NCG ; well it is alabama playing so anyone no why on the timing?

  11. i bet the first half of the show will be about his tsa incident. cool, what a distraction.

  12. It is an indisputable fact that Autism did not exist before vaccinations began.

    This does not prove it is the cause, but if anyone on here thinks that injecting your body with Mercury, formaldehyde, aborted chicken fetuses, etc is ok for you, then you need to keep drinking your Kool aid, and stick you head back in the media mind controlled pile of sand you came from.

  13. Not looking forward to this. Someone rational like Larry Pratt is much betting at articulating the pro-individual viewpoint. Alex Jones is borderline retarded (seriously) and does not represent me or the liberty movement. The guy is an embarrassment and a ignoramus.

  14. Popcorn machine loaded!

  15. I made my wife watch it with me. She says Alex probably turned off every viewer who normally watches Piers Morgan. The message was lost because of his hostility.

  16. When Jones goes on CNN and flies off the handle at Morgan like that about 1776, he is not helping our cause, at all. I had a feeling that he would go off, but he didn't even have the decency to wait until he was provoked, or for the second minute. What a fiasco.

  17. That was truly embarrassing. Jones made Morgan appear downright stately. I don't know why people here were so excited about this interview. He didn't win us any allies, that's for sure.

  18. The discussion of gun control by both will be total junk of the usual extremists from both sides. I'm just happy that the "U.S. Constitution Strike Force" has almost reached full strength; i.e. 5 operatives per Senator/Congressman/woman (60%+ are from some special ops service and over 90% from the military overall so I have high confidence that this will go down). I guess they figure a high failure rate of people performing the objective; i.e., elimination of any legislator that supports any action which eliminates any part of the U.S. Constitution that significantly endangers the freedom of "the governed"; i.e., we, the regular, joe/jane schmo American. Someone has supposedly started this "group" just as the Federal government has started its own groups that have been set up to supposedly "control" Americans; i.e., take away our freedoms granted via the U.S. Constitution. I guess this group of "Patriots" thought that if all the Senators/Congressmen/women knew that that their lives truly depended on fulfilling their oath of protecting and defending the Constitution; they would make sure it would be so. Should be interesting decade.

  19. CHEERS for Alex Jones!

    The Second Amendment ---IS--- SACRED.

    IN FACT, in the face of the Globalist---RED China
    handover op, and POST American takeover and takedown
    of the Republic ----NEVER ----EVER ----MORE SO.

    IN FACT, this very right should be proclaimed and
    crusaded for among ALL the ordinary folk of Europe
    and the world.

    THINK what this would do for the capstone engineered
    ghetto pimp cultures? --the state of Globalist imploded
    ---bankster dope cartel Mexico? ---RED China TREASON op
    center spotlight South Korea? ---and Globalist USURPED
    and sovietized Europe?

    "Political power grows out of the barrel --of a gun."
    2013 Globalist SUPERSTAR

    TRULY astonishing to 'REAL----EYES'
    ----------------------------the Second Amendment
    --------------------------------IS the well spring of Liberty.,

  20. Please keep Alex at home in the good ol' USA.

  21. Alex Jones is controlled opposition. He's supposed to look like a nut even if what he's saying is mostly true. Please don't think that nonsense was for real, it was just professional wrestling.