Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Report: Obama to Nominate Lew for Treasury Secretary

Multiple reports indicate that President Obama will nominate White House chief of staff, Jack Lew,  to fill the vacancy at Treasury that will occur when current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner leaves at the end of this month.

Lew should be seen as another in the regular stream of Obama finance-side appointees, with strong connections to former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.

Although having no prior financial background, in June 2006, after Lew left the government, he did a revolving door spin and was named chief operating officer of Citigroup's Alternative Investments unit, a proprietary trading group. Rubin was a "senior counselor" of Citigroup at the time.

 Lew is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where Rubin is co-chairman and Lew is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Rubin founded Hamilton Project.


  1. I thought the headline meant rockwell, i was thinking this was a joke...

    1. Yeah I thought so too! I almost fell of my chair there for a moment!!!

  2. instead it is just typical corrupt d.c.