Friday, January 25, 2013

The NEW Republican Party

Chris Rossini
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Republican party leaders held their first shindig since the election where they told Ron Paul and his supporters to hit the road.

These masterminds are coming up with a new strategy. The banner that they are flying?

"Renew, Grow, Win"

The NEW plan is to be like the Democrats in word and deed.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
"In many ways, we're at square one," said Glenn McCall, a South Carolina committeeman who is part of a task force on a new way forward for the party. "There are large portions of the population—African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, young voters—who simply don't know us. We have to change that."

Banks and War Merchants aren't the only ones that like handouts....Regular people like them too.

Just look at Judas Christie. He flew in a helicopter with Obama, praised him, and came home with 60,000,000,000 Bernanke Bucks.

And the people love him!

WSJ continues:
Some here say that while House Speaker John Boehner and congressional Republicans are right to hold firm for spending cuts, budget brinkmanship with Mr. Obama could damage the GOP brand...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal...hammered that point home in a speech to the RNC Thursday evening, warning that the GOP can't be known as the "austerity party" and must instead be the "growth party."
That's enough already with the small government rhetoric.

Who believes in that anyway?

Republicans need to get in the game and call for "growth", not "cuts". People want government "growth", money supply "growth", and credit "growth".
"It's not that we did so badly. It's that the Democrats outdid us on every front, and we have to learn from what they did and figure out how to leapfrog them in time for the next election," said Mike Duncan, a former RNC chairman and current committeeman from Kentucky.

"We are going to have to find a nominee who can talk to the heart, who has walked the aisles of Wal-Mart and understands the people there," said Mr. McCall of South Carolina.
Republicans had their chance...and they chose to silence it:

They're now starting to dig their own grave.

They won't be missed.


  1. Renew, Grow, Win !!!!
    RepubliCAN !!!!

  2. The sooner this evil and pathetic organization goes extinct, the better.

    What they don't mention is the Republican Party has been the party of "growth" since it was founded. It's just that they've always meant, and delivered, the growth of government.

  3. Yes by all means lets grow leviathan. Then the people will love us and all will be well until we end up serfs on the federal plantation. No austerity for the fat cats. No budget restraint. No deficit spending restraint. Lets spike the punch bowl again and party on.

    The Repulsivecans are worse than worthless because they fool people into thinking we have a choice. Tweedledum or TweedleDee isn't a real choice. The frying pan or the fire, which will it be?

  4. The sleeping giant is awaking. Each day more and more people realize that the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican is the direction they blow their hot air - some from the left, some from the right - both parties refusing to address the real issues we face as Americans.

    When their leadership says with a straight face that the people want "government and money supply growth" they are either stupid, insane, or both.

    Clearly they are so out of touch with the electorate that they have now become totally irrelevant and a gigantic waste of time, energy, and resources.

  5. There’s already a hate and envy Party. Do they really think they can out bid them?

  6. renew, grow, win. what the hell does that mean? whatever it does mean, the democrats will love it.

  7. Time to shovel this shitte stupid party into the grave...good riddance. Now let's do the same for the other craptastic party the the Ass Party.

    1. next will be the goose stepping goones

  8. This is not news. Same old Republican party. If it's so new, then how did Mitt Romney get the nomination?

  9. "renew, grow, win. what the hell does that mean?"

    Hope and change.

  10. Ok, I love this site and I have to agree that the Republicans have managed to pull off some of the most cringeworthy and monstrously stupid moves in history in regards to foreign affairs and economics (to oversimplify it greatly). But have you forgotten they only control about one half of one third of Congress and are not pulling the strings in the government any more? Can the Libertarians seriously put forward a candidate to stop the rot ( I'd vote for Rand in a second) and speak to the people who seem to have their fingers in their ears when it comes to any economic sense? As much as I hate it, when you're in the minority you have to play the game a bit, I couldn't see Ron Paul getting too far had he been the candidate, they'd just find a way to demonize everything he says as well into some Hobbesian nightmare. I guess my point is that the Democrats are the stinkier pile of dog poo for many reasons but let's just start with the "we're all Keynesians now" rubbish. I'm not defending Republicans but give equal credit for the state of the nation where its due, maybe that will take four more years. I do expect to get a smack down for this but I just wanted to get this off my chest.

    1. "off your chest"
      as if that free's you some?

      .... Now get out there and Opt the Heck Out.

      Or generate taxes for the empire... it's your choice.

      There's also, "divert funds to pay for you instead of drones" but that's a limited hangout.

      Also, thanks for the laugh, "and are not pulling the strings in the government any more" HAHAHAhAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHA, as if. Didn't you see the revolving door of influence chart? And, do you think influence stops there?

      It's Not: "America, the land of the flea" rather it's: "America, the corrupt."

      It All makes sense if you look at it from that perspective, it's just like on Mars,... or Bizarro World. ... Nothing makes sense otherwise. Nothing!

      - IndividualAudienceMember

    2. Rand is not a libertarian. He is very much a conservative. I lost all respect for Rand the day he got on his knees in Israel.

      If you were a part of the freedom movement in 2012 and participated in the Ron Paul campaign, you will know first hand how the Republicans lied, cheat and stole any and all attempts at Ron winning the nomination. It was a complete railroading of his campaign (as EPJ has illustrated).

      People need to understand one thing: It is not left vs. right. It is money power vs. the people.

      As Mark Twain once said: "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it."

    3. "People need to understand one thing: It is not left vs. right. It is money power vs. the people."

      You sound like a socialist bro. To me it's more like it's 'the people' i.e. the collectivists vs. the individual.

    4. one party taxes the other gives it AWAY.duh

  11. "...the Democrats are the stinkier pile of dog poo..."

    That's certainly debatable. They're commies, but they're pretty forthright about it, so at least you know straight off what you're dealing with.

  12. This is the new normal. It is not about constructing the best structure for society, it is about 'winning' and beating "them".

    We have lost our minds as a society. We sit here arguing about left vs. right, pro-life v. pro-choice, gun rights vs. gun-control, and the all the while the new aristocracy known as the political and money power are (now blatantly) lying to us while lining their pockets and gaining more power. Why should they have to work a day in their life if they don't have to work and can leech from the citizenry? It is the new nobility.

    We haven't evolved as a species, these are the same people that used to be kings and queens, dictators and tyrants, conquerors and warlords. Why let banks fail when they can just squeeze the people? Why grow our own economy when we can steal resources from other countries under the guise of "fighting a scary enemy"? Just wave a flag, evoke some emotional response and sell the populous a line of crap so juicy they can't help but sink their teeth. After all, it's not their children, money or resources they are sending. They can even do it while stripping the citizens of their rights. They will just keep bleeding the citizens until the citizens have nothing left. At that point, they will beg for a crumb. This is how tyranny works.

    Neither party gives a damn about you. The system we have set up has been hijacked and is now run by sociopaths, the overambitious and the suck-ups. They have figured out how to talk, dress, act, and mingle to drain you of your money, dignity, and humanity.

    What a we need these people to fix our problems. If Lance Armstrong had to cheat to be the best in his sport, what makes you think any of these politicians are playing it straight? Hayek said it best: "the worst rise to the top". This is how politics works.

    It is not left vs. right. It is the aristocracy vs. the people.

  13. Hit the road we will and GLADLY. May the GOP rot in hell where it belongs.

    1. Correction, may the two party system rot in hell where it belongs...