Friday, January 25, 2013

Tina Turner Gives Up US Citizenship to Become Swiss Citizen

It's a tax move and I don't blame her. She works hard for her money. Maybe it is a stretch but I think the below Turner song could be interpreted as anti-government leader, anti-war song.

(ht David Brown)


  1. Good for her. If I had the means, I'd be doing the exact same thing.

  2. Fuck Tina Turner. Another socialist hypocrite. She's been living in France for years. She's only leving now because of the French taxes.

  3. Anonymous wrote, "She's only leving now because of the French taxes."

    That could be, but there's Nothing wrong with That. Or are you new to EPJ?

    If she is a socialist, that sucks, perhaps she has learned?

    One can only, umm, pardon me,... hope?

    - IndividualAudienceMember

  4. Anon -

    It seems she's lived in Switzerland for some years:

    I agree with travisprovince. Good luck and all the best to her. With Gerard Depardieu, then France's richest man and now Tina Turner all fleeing for tax reasons in recent weeks I hope we're seeing the start of many more high-profile moves.

  5. Just a thought (via my wife,) but Tina's fondness for Europe may have much to do as how she was treated as a black in the U.S., especially decades ago.

  6. Let's keep a tally on how many rich people leave France. Many left England when top tax rate was more confiscatory than France's. it would be an enlightening study showing the correlation between income tax rate and emigration among countries and among the united States.

  7. Many rich people in the Silicon Valley are pulling up stakes, family circus and all, and it is not all because of the taxes.... it is to avoid "the unpleasantness" both current and future