Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TSA Disses Alex Jones in Writing on Their Web Site!

This is a first. The TSA is out with a post dissing a passenger.

TSA blogger Bob Burns posts at the TSA web site:
I kept noticing a story circulating around the web involving Alex Jones, shoes, and TSA, so I checked it out. After reading, I felt a bit let down.
I would have expected that Alex knew all of TSA’s policies and procedures by heart. He talks about them fairly often. Well, today, he refused to remove his shoes at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport (AUS) while on his way to an interview with Piers Morgan in New York City. As you can see from the photo, (Conveniently taken by somebody from InfoWars), it was quite the scene.

Shoe removal has been mandatory for quite some time now. Even I have to take my shoes off when I travel. There are a lot of questions that could be asked about his motivation today, but what is clear, is that our officers followed standard operating procedures today. The only exceptions for shoe removal are:
All other passengers must undergo shoe screening and passengers with a disability or hindering medical condition who cannot remove their shoes can be screened using alternative method.

What Burns fails to report is that Jones was arguing that some of the other passengers between the ages of 12 and 75 were allowed to pass through TSA security, without removing their shoes. This has been the reporting out of Jones' site right from the start. It's not that Jones doesn't understand the procedures. It's that Jones observed other procedures in effect. For the TSA to blog about this, single out a specific passenger and create a false account of what really went down suggests that Jones is really getting into their head.


  1. Jones caved to the TSA's demands so he wouldn't miss his big TV appearance. Self-seekers are generally also cowards.

    1. LOL. What a stupid comment.
      He was threatened with arrest by a police officer. Submitting to the thugs in government is no different than submitting to a thug on the street. Just because someone, weighing the options, "caves" to the man with a gun who threatens to harm him in some way does not mean that he approves or is a coward. It simply makes him human and the thugs evil.

    2. Don't feed the troll.

  2. "but what is clear, is that our officers followed standard operating procedures today..." - Insert Nazi comment here_______.

  3. I'm a coward too, because I keep getting on my (very rare now) flights despite my opposition to the groping.

  4. "Shoe removal has been mandatory for quite some time now."

    Doesn't mean it's not an insulting, retarded exercise that should rightfully be challenged often.

  5. Not that the government cares about the constitution...

    but the 14th amendment states "... nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

    different policies/laws that apply to different groups of people (groups this time are based on age) are unconstitutional.

    Or... why aren't the Liberals crying out, "We are all equal" and demand that everyone shoes (or preferably no ones) be removed.

    1. Ah, but you're forgetting that "some Animals are more equal than others"

  6. "Even I have to take my shoes off when I travel."

    "Even I have to..."

    "Even I..."

    (Even I, an apologist for the apparatus, even I, a statist, even I, a traitor, have to stoop to the level of the unwashed masses and remove my shoes, just like all you serfs, peasants, and other unimportant mundanes...)

  7. "Self-seekers are generally also cowards."

    ...says the anonymous poster.

    ... about a man who just pointed his finger in the face of a state goon with a gun.

    ... and then later that day pointed his finger in the face of a member of the media elite, while standing up for an extremely controversial position.

    1. Here's Jones in action, displaying his true nature:


      His main interest is The Alex Jones Empire. Liberty is one of his commodities.

      If Jones was actually a threat to the powers that be, he'd be dead or in jail. As he appears to be prospering, I can only assume that the people that pay Piers Morgan like having him around.

    2. Oh please. So he was a jerk there. Big deal. He's no more of a "self-seeker" than any other principled activist who wants to succeed in life. And if he makes money while doing it, GOOD. He and his family deserve it. What matters is that he doesn't compromise on the positions.

    3. > What matters is that he doesn't compromise on the positions.

      Like caving to the TSA and taking off his shoes after all of his bravado? Furthermore, if his positions include looking like a raging lunatic on international TV and smearing all of us in the Liberty movement by association, then he succeeded.

      Jones is the classic American huckster, no more, no less. The American proclivity for getting fooled by hucksters and would-be-leaders is how we ended up with back-to-back Bush and Obama administrations.