Tuesday, January 8, 2013

David Frum Explains The Hocus Pocus of Democracy

By, Chris Rossini
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Look at what You did!

Now You are going to need to raise the "ceiling" for the 95th straight year.

You shouldn't worry though, because You have a military empire, and welfare state to run. If You have to issue a few more bonds to Yourself, what's the big deal?

You're just listening to Alexander Hamilton, who said:

A national debt "will be to us a national blessing" and that "It will be a powerful cement of our union.”

So You better get to work.

You have a couple of payments coming up.


  1. You would like to tell David Frum, and the state crooks he spews propaganda for, to go f*** himself.

  2. David Frum is one of the worst neocons there is. He's really the scum of the earth.

  3. The little Frummer Boy has been a bitter little man ever since National Review fired him for being an idiot.

    Wasn't he the guy who said all of the conservatives and libertarians who opposed the first Iraq War were enemies of the country and how wrong they were to do it? We see how that turned out!