Saturday, January 12, 2013

UPDATE: Rand Paul’s Son Accused of Assaulting Flight Attendant

WSOC TV Charlotte reports:
Sen. Rand Paul's son is facing new charges from his arrest at Charlotte-Douglas airport.

William Paul was arrested last weekend for disorderly conduct, but now we have learned he is accused of assaulting a US Airways flight attendant.

Police said Paul was drunk when he landed.

The airline denies serving him any alcohol on the flight from Kentucky to Charlotte.


  1. Not to be all legalistic, but FAA regulations prohibit allowing obviously-drunk passengers on board an aircraft. If he was drunk on landing, but wasn't served on board, he had about 1.5 hours (assuming a direct flight) to sober up. So, he would have had to have been very drunk upon boarding.

    Either Rand's son has a pretty good defense, or the airline might have some legal issues of its own.

  2. I really don't care about the Paul family soap opera :(

  3. Knowing Rand Paul the whole thing will ber swept under the table.

    1. Rug would be more apt, given that we're talking about Rand.

    2. That, and who sweeps stuff under a table? That doesn't hide it nearly as well as under a rug!

      I digress...

  4. This case should be assumed to be a set-up unless conclusive proof otherwise surfaces. The Paul family is know to oppose the TSA and the charges coincided with Rand ['s privately funded trip] going to Israel. The new upgrade coincides with Rand's Israel trip ending.

    Also, young kids get busted for drinking at bars or late night parties, not in the late morning at an airport.