Monday, January 28, 2013

Willem Ropke's "Free Economy and Social Order."

Day three of my The 30 Day Reading List that will Lead You to Becoming a Knowledgeable Libertarianas viewed by Robert Van Ness, here.


  1. Robert,

    You can't be serious. Wilhelm Röpke is acceptable but Rand Paul is not?

    By the standards that you judge Rand Paul, Wilhelm Röpke was a statist tool.

  2. Did you read the Röpke article linked to? It's all about the importance of private property.

    Is Röpke running for government under the guise of being in favor of limited government?

  3. Honestly, when you use the phrase "Social Order", it screams command economy. Maybe you shouldn't advocate that book in the future?

    I haven't read his book, and I would rather not, unless someone can make a compelling argument about why I should. I have already read everything else on that list at least once though. I don't read any of the newer authors to Libertarian thought, because honestly, there is a huge band-wagon thing going on in the Libertarian community lately.

    Everyone from Tea-Partiers to Lie-to-your-face-dyed-wool-statists are claiming the title now. I will stick to referring to my thoughts as being of the Market-Anarchist variety, because in reality that is what they are. If the Markets are Anarchist most of the rest of the government will simply fade away into meaningless.

    To boot no self-respecting statist of any variety would ever call themselves an Anarchist of any variety. It's uncivil to be an Anarchist to them, for they truly believe in the kool-aid of the state no matter how much they claim that they do not.

    Hint to all of you crazy statists out there, your language gives you away. Yes, Rand Paul, I am talking about you as well. You should be listening to your father, not being a rubber neck weakling.

    1. True.. I'm with you

    2. Are you a total idiot?

      First the article stands alone, it is not part of a book. Second, he is not a "new" author. He was born in 1899. Third, Ludwig von Mises mentions Ropke positively in his memoir, Fourth, Ropke was instrumental in influencing Ludwig Erhard, who was responsible for the German Economic Miracle.

  4. Röpke was a social democrat. that's far from libertarian