Thursday, January 17, 2013

WSJ/NBC News Poll: Net 23% of Americans Have a Negative View of GOP

Net 23% of Americans have a negative view of Republicans, but the basically same team with donkeys on their T-shirts, instead of elephants, comes in with a net 6% positive view. The leader of the donkeys, President Obama, has a net 15% favorable rating.


  1. People need to reject conservatism and liberalism. Not just one or the other.

  2. The Republicans have the same problem they've always had. They don't deliver on their own rhetoric. They cave on bailouts. They cave on 'stimulus'. They cave on more regulation. They cave on taxes. Next, they'll cave on the debt ceiling (again). They don't stand for anything.

    When the only way you can distinguish yourself from the other guy is by the color and name on your label, then you're not giving anybody a reason to support you.

  3. Only -23% for the Redumblicans? Should be lower.

  4. Looks like we're winning the popularity contest. I'm pretty sure less than 50% of eligible Americans voted last November too. That sounds like victory to me too.

    If only we could keep them out of our pockets.