Saturday, February 9, 2013

7 LAPD Officers Opened Fire On Innocent Mother and Daughter

More details are emerging surrounding the LAPD shooting of two innocent women, who were mistaken to be the 6ft 270 lb killer ex-cop Chrsitopher Doner. Although initial reports had the women as Asian, LaTi is reporting they are Hispanic.

LaTi informs:
 In their pursuit of a fugitive ex-cop, at least seven officers opened fire on what turned out to be a mother and daughter delivering newspapers on a quiet residential street, law enforcement sources told The Times.

It was "a tragic misinterpretation" by officers working under "incredible tension," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Friday in an interview with The Times.

Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, were the victims.[...] around 5 a.m. Thursday in Torrance, police from nearby El Segundo saw a pickup truck exit a freeway and head in the general direction of the Redbeam Avenue residence of a high-ranking Los Angeles police official, which was being guarded by a group of LAPD officers.

A radio call indicated that the truck matched the description of Dorner's gray Nissan Titan.

As the vehicle approached the house, officers opened fire, unloading a barrage of bullets into the back of the truck. When the shooting stopped, they quickly realized their mistake. The truck was not a Nissan Titan, but a Toyota Tacoma. The color wasn't gray, but aqua blue. And it wasn't Dorner inside the truck, but Carranza and her mother delivering copies of the Los Angeles Times.[...]

"How do you mistake two Hispanic women, one who is 71, for a large, black male?" said Richard Goo, 62, who counted five bullet holes in the entryway to his house.

Glen T. Jonas, the attorney representing the women, said the police officers gave "no commands, no instructions and no opportunity to surrender" before opening fire. He described a terrifying encounter in which the pair were in the early part of their delivery route through several South Bay communities. Hernandez was in the back seat handing papers to her daughter, who was driving. Carranza would briefly slow the truck to throw papers on driveways and front walks.

As bullets tore through the cabin, the two women "covered their faces and huddled down," Jonas said. "They felt like it was going on forever."

Hernandez was shot twice in her back and is expected to recover. Her daughter escaped with only minor wounds from broken glass.


  1. Of course these homicides won't spark a national debate demanding we disarm cops.

    1. Maybe the libertarians should start bringing this up...


  2. Officer safety = cowardice.

  3. I hate to do this... but I'm a sicko, as you all know.
    This is a horrifying occurrence, no doubt.
    But is the home-owner really named Richard Goo?!?
    So I suppose they call him Dick Goo?
    Oy Vey.

  4. > It was "a tragic misinterpretation" by officers working under "incredible tension," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Friday in an interview with The Times.

    If seven people lit up a cop car, we all know the chief wouldn't present it as a "a tragic misinterpretation".

    Apropos that one of the poor women was shot in the back. Twice. That's just how the LAPD rolls.

    1. Tragic misinterpretation my ass! Try attempted murder. These clowns belong behind bars. I'd love to be the attorney on this one.

      Chief Beck should immediately be "former" Chief Beck for even trying to float a load of crap like that. You asshats just gunned down a 71 year old woman for Christsakes. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!

    2. The LAPD Chief is simply poisoning the potential jury pool and laying out a scenario that some people will buy.

  5. Hahaha Dick Goo.. way of topic but I love it! Funny as fuck. #whatifdorneristellingthetruth??

  6. Actually the vehicle the two ladies were driving didn't even match the description of Dorner's truck.

    Dorner had a gray Nissan Titan. If you see the pictures of the bullet ridden truck, you'll see it it was a blue Toyota Tundra.

    So the cops just decided to attempt to murder anyone driving a Japanese pickup truck.

  7. According to the L.A. Police manual (1991 ed. sec. 556.55 pg. 108)
    this standard would apply to this use of deadly force:

    "... Nor should an officer fire at a `fleeing felon' if the officer has any doubt whether the person fired at is in fact the person against whom the use of deadly force is permitted under the policy."

    Assuming the use of deadly force was justified if the person in the truck was our fugitive ex-cop, the L.A. thugs on the scene should have at least taken the time to identify him!

    This shooting is nothing less than attempted murder. The seven shooters should be arrested and charged, but they won't be. The chief and the D.A. will stick by the boys in blue.

  8. Remember, as Paul Krugman said on ABC last Sunday, the public doesn't need to be armed because we rely on the "public good" of police officers to protect us. The guy going on the rampage murdering police officers and civilians also repeats the same talking points about gun control and "needing" an "assault rifle" as Krugman and Piers Morgan - so he is in great company.

    Not a good week for little Krugie with Argentina and this cop showing exactly what a public good we have.

  9. They will never have to deliver papers again when their attorney gets done w the LAPD. Settled out of court payday, at the expense of taxpayers. No officer who fired a shot will be brought to justice. Sad...

  10. " least seven officers opened fire.... Hernandez was shot twice in her back and is expected to recover. Her daughter escaped with only minor wounds from broken glass."

    Not very good shots, these seven officers....

    1. As someone who actually knows how to shoot, this is not a new development. Jeff Cooper was talking about how horrible at shooting most of the military and almost all cops are since the 80s and 90s. If anything, skills have deteriorated since then. That is why it is hilarious to see the media talk about the "high level" of training he received at the LAPD. I suspect that one of the reasons for this is they don't want the public to get the idea of exactly how grossly incompetent the police really are when it comes to gunfighting in case there are ever events like mass gun confiscation attempts. One halfass cop is humiliating the entire LAPD, imagine what a few hundred people could do?

      It only seems as if it is "high level" to people in the northeastern elite media complex who think Obama showed good form on the shotgun and didn't look like an unathletic 12 year old girl holding a firearm for the first time in that ridiculous shotgun photo.

  11. Although Mr Dorner's intent was to provoke gun control, and perhaps provoke a conflict, it's looking more and more like 'police control' is going to be the real fallout from this.