Saturday, February 9, 2013

Government As Superman: Cory Booker Edition

By, Chris Rossini

NJ has some character politicians for sure.

But there's one that's quite different that caught my attention. Newark's Mayor, Cory Booker, seems to take a unique approach.

See if you see a pattern here:

Is this what government is?

Of course not!

There are individuals performing good deeds all the time, and everyday. They need no media attention, no credit, no fanfare, no pictures, no articles, etc.

One must keep in mind, that no matter what Cory Booker does, it does not change the definition of what government is and does, and the force that he wields as Mayor.

Either Cory Booker is in the wrong business by being involved in government, or he's in the right business, and this is pure propaganda.


  1. Half very cool - half shameless self-promotion.
    That's ok, I'd kill to look as good as that dude.

  2. It's clever propaganda Chris. Booker has used it to elevate his profile. He will probably be in the senate in a few years and running for president in the future to try and emulate Obama. He wants to be a celebrity and front man for global interests.

  3. Looking at these pictures I can hear a song from The Karate Kid:

    "Your the best around! Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!"

    That and the Rocky theme.

  4. He's such a narcissistic asshole.

    He's only a 'good person' when there are cameras around to see him being a 'good person'.

  5. Reminds me of Putin's photos that we all laugh at over here. Of course, we all used to laugh at third world commie nations for the leaders killing and imprisoning without trial whoever they want, and Obama does the same thing now to cheerleading from the ever progressive and tolerant left.

    1. Are you suggesting the right doesn't cheer these things?

    2. Where was that said at all?

  6. Al Capone provided soup kitchens, that doesn't negate his murders. Neither does rescuing a dog redeem a government employee. - RJD

  7. Look up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a, a, errr, what the..., it's a Booker??? A C.B. - Caped Bullshitter. Wow, a new politician super hero - not quite as fast as a burning building, more powerful than a freezing dog, able to shovel snow in a single bound, and who, disguised an mild mannered media whore Cory Booker fights for truth, justice, and the American way... Kinda sorta brings a tear to your eye, or is it just the stench of insincerity make your eyes water?