Sunday, February 24, 2013

71% of Americans Support Increasing the Minimum Wage

It can be logically shown that an increase in the minimum wage will increase unemployment, yet, the overwhelming majority of Americans appear to not be aware of the logical progression that leads to this conclusion.

 In USA Today/Pew Research Center poll, 71% of Americans back increasing the minimum wage to $9 an hour from $7.25 currently.

The plan has 87% support among Democrats and 68% support among independents. Among Republicans, 50% back the measure, with 47% opposed.

Things are much better with tea party types. People who identified themselves as agreeing with the tea party opposed the minimum wage measure 64% to 32%.

(Via WSJ)


  1. So the strategy to educate Tea partiers seems to be working then? Yet some people would have us abandon this strategy. Tea Partiers reject the MW by 2-1!

  2. They should raise to $1 million to make everyone rich... Morons...

  3. This confirms my suspicions that 71% of Americans are idiots.

  4. That 32% is still far too high.

  5. Wow. I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. I mean the American people did re-elect Obama.
    I feel sorry for the young people and the low skilled workers who are going to miss out on the opportunity to break into the workforce because of this. There is no doubt that a raise in the minimum wage will hurt the chances of low skilled workers from getting a job.

  6. 71%. Well, it only took 3% of the Population to start a popular uprising the last time. 1776