Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kokesh Confronts TSA Agents: "How Many Terrorists Has The TSA Caught?"

By, Chris Rossini

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  1. "I for one, refuse to consent."

    Maybe intellectually you refuse, but praxeologically, you have consented.


    I love that older chin holding TSA goon. Pure intimidation tactics. Way to keep us safe from ourselves!

    1. Notice he only had one arm

    2. Haha. Yeah, that chin holding goon is genuine trash. In Orwellian speak, I'm pretty sure that's what they call a "non-defensive" posture.

      Non-defensive is right. That goon was looking for any excuse to go into offense. He offended me, and I wasn't even there.

  2. Kokesh is the man, by the way where is that paleocon troll to tell us that Kokesh is an FBI plant?

  3. I think the question should be, "How many terrorists have tried to board a plane since the TSA was created?" I know of 2, the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber. The latter was even on the no-fly list.

    1. Think about it... The underwear guy didn't even have a PASSPORT!! Try to board a flight into the states without a passport!!
      But a mysterious (gee the feds and the TSA can't seem to find him, even though he was tight with the Feeb investigators after the plane landed) snazzily dressed man flashed a credential and they let him board.
      Nothing to see here, just move along...

  4. Adam, you are a freackin' moron. Just because these guys cannot or refuse to answer your question with absolute certainty does NOT mean they are ineffective at their job(s). They are not accountable to you, the citizen, regardless of what you believe is a truth. Doesn't the First Amendment apply to them to not answer you?

    Next, airports are NOT public places so, your stupid assertions that you can freely film in public places is invalid - look it up.

    Third, unless your have written permission from each of those people to use their faces in filming - especially when they ask to not be filmed & brazenly choose to make a mockery of them in a public & open forum as you do, you are opening yourself to potential legal action. Again, look it up.

    Lastly, study the First Amendment very carefully & the court cases that challenged that right. The First Amendment is NOT carte blanche to say & do whatever you please, there are measures & levels of appropriateness with which to comply.

    You & your sophomoric, childish methods are what's really wrong with America. You stand for nothing other than creating unrest & encourage mass rebellion. You sir are worthless.