Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amash Mulls Senate Run

Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan is privately considering a Senate bid, should incumbent Democrat Carl Levin retire, reports NRO.

“People are asking him to look at it, and he hasn’t closed the door,” says a Republican operative familiar with Michigan politics. “If Levin steps down, I think he’s going to run.”

Amash, considered by some to be a libertarian, famously said, when asked about increasing taxes to resolve the "fiscal cliff" crsis, "Nothing should be left off the table."

Amash has been invited to appear on the Robert Wenzel Show but has declined all invitations.

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  1. Why the dead silence in the comments section . Forgive me for sounding like Joe McCarthy ( Heavens no ) but people who claim to represent something but stray far from those ideals should be named and shamed . Silence is how we let the modern republican party tarnish the once gleaming reputation of market capitalism .