Thursday, February 14, 2013

...And Then Government Came For The Toddlers

By, Chris Rossini

The push for government to start molding kids as young as possible continues.

Parents are considered a hindrance to the process.

Richard Ebeling (a recent guest on The Robert Wenzel Show) once summed it up nicely:
"The parent is viewed as a backward and harmful influence in the formative years of the child's upbringing, an influence that must be corrected for and replaced by the 'enlightened' professional teacher who has been trained, appointed and funded by the state. The public school, therefore, is a 'reeducation camp' in which the child is to be remade in the proper 'politically correct image'."
Judge Napolitano (also a recent guest on The Robert Wenzel Show) has a great section in his book "Theodore & Woodrow" on how the compulsory education system in the U.S. evolved.

Theodore Roosevelt stated back in 1893:
"The public schools are the nurseries from which spring the future masters of the commonwealth...We have a right to demand that every man, native born or foreign born, shall in American public life act merely as an American."
What does it mean to "act merely as an American"?


The Judge also quotes Arthur Calhoun, who said in 1919:
"The fondest wish of Utopian writers was coming true, the child was passing from its family into the custody of community experts."
It's precisely the idea of this type of transfer to "community experts" that animate the state's characters today as well.

While the focus is on Obama these days, let's not forget about Hillary "It takes a Village" Clinton.

Back in 2007, the future U.S. Queen said:
“As president, I will establish universal pre-kindergarten education through a federal-state partnership.”
At the time, Hillary's cheerleaders at The New York Times were pitching the project with words like "neuroscientific":
Calling for an overhaul of the current patchwork of uneven preschool programs, UPK proponents invoke neuroscientific evidence of brain growth rather than child-care needs. They cite the long-term economic benefits of an early investment in boosting “cognitive skills” and “school readiness,” especially for low-income children.
Obama is the latest in keeping the ball rolling: "I propose working with states to make high-quality preschool available to every child in America," he said in his latest State of the Union speech.

Perhaps someday, the "neuroscientific" and "high quality" Platonist government will make its way into the hospital room, helping Mommies to bring "new Americans" into the world.

One step at a time though...Gotta get at those pre-schoolers first.

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  1. With each passing day, my desire grows to see every last one of these busybody government creeps loaded onto a rocket to be fired into the sun. Then maybe we can finally be left the f*** alone.

    1. They are like cockroaches infesting a house. If we don't get them all, they will just infest the house again. And besides I hear they spread germs too.

    2. Great comments from both of you. The results around us are terrifying. I'm a very offbeat person compared to most around me. I'm sure most anarcho-capitalists can relate.

      Americans are sunshine and lollipops people. I like to be happy as much as the next guy, but sometimes I feel the state has molded a mass of pod people that I have to deal with.

      We're surrounded by millions of artificially retarded people due to state education which compounds the deficiencies of human nature.

  2. "Perhaps someday, the "neuroscientific" and "high quality" Platonist government will make its way into the hospital room, helping Mommies to bring "new Americans" into the world."

    Ha! You wish. No, their plan is to alter the genetic code so that none of the rest of it needs to be done - It costs money don't cha know. Why bother "re-educating people into compliant unthinking sheep, when you can have the bun pop out of the oven all ready and anxious to be devoured. Bring on the clones, there ought to be clones, don't bother they're here...

  3. I think you're on to something. Is that you, Stephen? Could be a song...

  4. Define "toddler". Age birth to three. Define "preschooler". Age three to five... The author doesn't know what age the president is talking about. Our state discontinued More At Four due to the economic collapse. Too bad it did help level the playing field for disadvantaged minorities, but we wouldn't want that, hunh? You know nothing about Infant Toddler Services, Public Health, and IDEA, do you? None of you do. You just want to creep people out.

    1. Trust me when I tell you we aren't needed to creep people out, the government has that completely under control - it's so creepy it even creeps itself out.

      The best thing that could possibly happen is for the entire education system to fail. We spend more money and get worse results than the top twenty developed countries. Hate to point out the obvious, but it is not working and in a word "sucks". The problem is not teachers, it's government. The sooner we come to grips with this fact, and begin to disassemble the educational disaster we built, the sooner we can begin to really educate our children.

    2. not sure if troll or srs

    3. The poster who talks about dismantling the educational disaster we have on our hands is right. Oddly, I didn't think of our education system in terms of being in shambles and creating little robots until I became a follower of the writings and vid's of Ron Paul during his campaign. I haven't had children in school for many years, so wasn't aware of how bad it has gotten. But when I think about some of the stuff that was done when my kids were in school, it all seems to fit with what's happening now, to a disturbing degree. Since my awakening, I preach homeschool to everyone (not that it's the entire answer but it would be a start). I also preach no vaccinations, no "well baby" visits, no baby formula/poison . . . and the list goes on. We are on suuuuuch a wrong road and need to figure out how to turn it around. Won't be quick, won't be painless. But necessary.