Friday, February 8, 2013

Bill Kristol Who?

Is the neoconservative movement, with its strong aggressive pro-Israel stance, simply a US clique with limited support from the Israeli population?

For an upcoming Robert Wenzel Show, I interviewed Israeli Knesset member and member of the Likud Party, Moshe Feiglin. I asked him about neoconservatives. He didn't seem familiar with the term. I threw out specific names. He recognized Alan Dershowitz, and really perked up when I mentioned neocon moneybags Sheldon Adelson. But, when I asked him about Bill Kristol, the founder and editor The Weekly Standard and commentator on Fox News, his response was, "No, I'm sorry, I don't recognize the name."


  1. I think you need to find some new bogeymen.

  2. He might be lying. Friends of neo-cons do that you know?

  3. "Is the neoconservative movement, with its strong aggressive pro-Israel stance, simply a US clique with limited support from the Israeli population?"

    Yes, I think so. Everyone who hasn't seen it should check out Ronny Edry's "Israel loves Iran" campaign on Facebook. The positive back and forth between people of these two countries is very heartening.

  4. I'm reading backwards from later posts. I believe Feiglin is being sincere. He really cares little for US politics, and doesn't care which party is in power. After all, he wants (for real) to end the "special relationship" and the aid that the US sends Israel's way.

    Already, I can see your interview is likely to be a disappointing hatchet job. Moshe Feiglin is the Ron Paul of Israel. No exaggeration. I've met him in person several times. He is very weak on economics but otherwise the real deal. Instead, you treat him like any other (corrupt) politician and are shocked, SHOCKED, that he doesn't know much at all about the bogeyman of American politics, neoconservatism. It's so shocking to you, that this is the subject you raise to tease us about your interview with him.

    Did you actually talk to him about anything of real interest? Economics (what an opportunity to turn him on to Austrian economics!)? Maybe discover how far his respect for civil liberties extends (he's for legalizing pot, what about heroin or cocaine, and if not, why not?). His thoughts about the US-Israel relationship or about Judaism and the state of Israel.

    1. Hehe...Shimshon, it won't be a hatchet job. Feiglin stopped me after minyan the morning of the interview and told me they "asked me some question about some group...I don't know...they said Alan Dershowitz is part of it, Sheldon Adelson is part of it...and there was some other guy I don't know, I don't know what they were talking about."

      Bob is just giving his audience what it wants. Don't worry, Feiglin can handle himself.