Friday, February 8, 2013

Mossberg: 5 Things to Know about the New Blackberry

Mossberg says it has the best virtual keyboard and a cool camera feature. Details here.


  1. Based on that review, it looks like they reinvented the Blackberry, but they didn't reinvent the smartphone market. At least Samsung brought low-price smart phones with gigantic screens to the market.

    I think they'll hobble along for a while and then fold. They haven't made a reason for people to ditch their iPhones and Android phones en masse.

    1. In Hollywood, an actor is only as good as his/her last film, but a phone company is only as good as their next phone. Even Apple is falling behind Samsung per Wozniak.

  2. Blackberry haters are everywhere. Apparently the mob mentality even affects EPJ readers, based on these comments.

  3. Oh get over it. Nobody hates BlackBerry, or Apple or anything else. (Is there a fruit theme going on here or is it just me?) It's about keeping up in a high stakes, ultra competitive market.

    BlackBerry like Apple and Microsoft are behind the power curve and their sales numbers and earnings are beginning to show it. Does that mean they are doomed? Of course not. It does mean that if they aren't ready or able to step and lead, to redefine the market, to meet the consumer's needs. They will go the way of the dinosaur...