Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blankfein in Town: Serious Crony Meetings for the President Today

The President will host two separate meetings at the White House, one with "progressive" and labor leaders and the other with business leaders. According to the White House, these are the expected attendees:

"Progressive" and Labor Leaders Meeting
  • Deepak Bhargava, Center for Community Change
  • Marshall Fitz, Center for American Progress
  • Wade Henderson, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
  • Marielena Hincapie, National Immigration Law Center
  • Deepa Iyer, NCAPA/SAALT
  • Ben Jealous, NAACP
  • Cristina Jimenez, United We Dream
  • Eliseo Medina, SEIU
  • Mee Moua, Asian American Justice Center
  • Janet Murguia, National Council of la Raza
  • Ali Noorani, National Immigration Forum
  • Arturo Rodriguez, United Farm Workers
  • Frank Sharry, America’s Voice
  • Rachel Tiven, Immigration Equality
  • Gustavo Torres, Casa de Maryland
  • Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO

Business Leaders Meeting
·         Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs Group
·         Greg Brown, Chairman and CEO, Motorola Solutions
·         Steve Case, Chairman and CEO, Revolution LLC
·         Joe Echevarria, CEO, Deloitte LLP
·         Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, Qualcomm
·         Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca Cola Company
·         Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
·         Monica Lozano, CEO, Impremedia
·         Marissa Mayer, President and CEO, Yahoo!
·         Greg Page, Chairman and CEO, Cargill
·         Jeff Smisek, Chairman and CEO, United Continental
·         Arne Sorenson, President and CEO, Marriott International

The meetings will be held in the Roosevelt Room


  1. "The meetings will be held in the Roosevelt Room"

    lol....I'm sure you meant to finish with that delicious statement.

  2. Like Bilderberg, without the secrecy. Maybe Obama can cut a lucrative exit plan with Lord Blankfein.

  3. Meetings like this never result in outcomes consistent with a free society. None of these people will insist that they be left alone. Instead, they all want special favors - favors we'll no doubt be paying for through further taxation or regulation.

  4. While this week the Obama Administration is holding separate meetings with progressive and labor leaders and also with business leaders, look for private private partnerships, such as Macquarie Infrastructure Company, MIC, to eventually emerge, as Financial Apocalypse, that is a credit bust and global financial breakdown, is coming soon, whereby North American Continent political, labor and business leaders will meet in summits and workgroups to pool sovereignty regionally to effect North American regional governance, for the regions’ security, stability and sustainability.

    Peak Monetary and National Sovereignty has been achieved.

    Liberalism’s sovereignty was based upon the national sovereignty of democratic states and the monetary authority of the world central banks. The bankers’ sovereignty, through credit, AGG, begat the seigniorage, that is the moneyness, of choice, producing fiat asset inflation, and prosperity for those with jobs as well as for those on government assistance, such as Social Security Disability.

    Jean Pisani-Ferry, Director of Bruegel, the Brussels based economic policy think tank asks in Project Syndicate article Is the Euro crisis over? Reason to worry is that there is limited consensus in Europe on what, exactly, is needed to make the monetary union resilient and prosperous again. Banking union is a positive development, but there is no agreement on additional reforms, such as the creation of a common fiscal capacity or a common treasury. I comment that through the ECB’s LTRO1 and LTRO2, as well as the ECB’s OMT, were stopgap measures to prevent a dissolution of the EU, and provided shrew investors a carry trade bonanza. The European Sovereign Debt Crisis has been held in abeyance, but cannot be avoided. Insolvent sovereigns, and insolvent banks cannot provide seigniorage, that is moneyness.

    A new sovereignty and a new seigniorage is coming, as the age of fiat asset inflation, pivots to the age of fiat asset deflation.

    Authoritarianism’s sovereignty will be based upon regional framework agreements, which renounce national sovereignty, and appoint both regional monetary and fiscal popes to work in public private partnerships, to oversee regional economic production. These regional nannycrats, will impose the seigniorage of diktat, mandating debt servitude and austerity.

    The world is pivoting from Liberalism’s Banker, Floating Currency, Free To Choose Investment, Democratic, Nation State, Regime … to Authoritarianism’s Beast, Competitive Currency Devaluation, Diktat, Totalitarian Collectivist, and Regional Governance Regime.

    The great pivotal economic and political shift from Liberalism to Authoritarianism occurred on Monday January 4, 2013, as World Stocks, VT, traded lower as Sarah Jones of Bloomberg reports European Stocks Retreat Amid Political Turmoil in Spain, Italy.

    Now the Beast Regime will rule in all of the world’s ten regions, and in all of mankind’s seven regions. Liberalism’s fiat money system will be replaced by Authoritarianism’s diktat money system, where diktat serves as currency, credit and power.