Monday, February 4, 2013

Breaking the Set: The Truth About the Economy

EPJ's Bob English visits "Breaking the Set," to set things straight.

I wonder what else RT is working on.


  1. "I wonder what else RT is working on."

    Hopefully hiring some more knowledgeable hosts.

  2. Abby Martin is extremely friendly to libertarian ideas, and of the Ron Paul "revolution". However, she would benefit immensely from exposure to Autstrian economics. She, like many people, seems to conflate the free-market with what actually exists (which is a mixed economy, AKA socio-fascism). This is due to the different definitions of "capitalism".

    Depending on one's political leanings, and his/her education, the definition of "capitalism" tends to fall into one of two different camps: a) the economic aspects of the free-market (i.e. the accumulation of capital), or b) the existing economic structure of the US and aligned countries (i.e. what the persons from camp "A" would refer to as "crony capitalism").

    Abby Martin (like Alonya Minkovski before her) appears to have a "leftist" perspective on some issues, hence she falls into camp "A". Personally, I think if she were to interview self-identified "left libertarians" (eg. Sheldon Richman, Gary Chartier, Roderick Long, Charles Johnson, etc.), her skepticism of a truly free-market would lessen greatly.

    Richard G.

    1. Fully agree. There are no doubt many decent "leftists" who are as dissatified with the Obama police state as they were under Bush.

      Getting them to read Economics in One Lesson is another matter altogether. Mises said that Menger's Principles made him an economist. At least thousands of us could say the same thing about Hazlitt's Economics. I am one of them. Abby Martin will hopefully say that one day too.

      I found it thoroughly disappointing that she disagrees with Bob English.

    2. D'oh, I meant to say that Abby falls into camp "B" (i.e. she conflates the actually existing system with a free-market).

      BTW, I find that a number of RT America news anchors are quite friendly to libertarianism, especially their late afternoon/early evening hosts. I'm specifically referring to the ladies that do the news.

      Richard G.