Monday, February 4, 2013

INCREDIBLE: Insider Explains How the Bankster Game Is Played for Huge Profits

I have mentioned Philippa Malmgren before. She is an insider's insider. She was Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy on the National Economic Council. She was also a member of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets, aka, the Plunge Protection Team. Her client list includes every elite corporate firm in the world (Take a minute to look at the list, its mind boggling.). You don't get much more insider than this.

The clip below is from a longer clip that she is using to promote her speaking qualifications (via The Sweeney Agency). It is pretty incredible. She talks about the "trickle of capital making its way to the right location." Then she tells the story of "six guys in Santa Monica" that "you will never hear of," but who are manipulating the system big time, by buying broken banks, taking the best assets and then selling the junk to the government for cash.


  1. I doubt whether "huge profits" is the right term.

    Its more like "dystopian plunder".

    Unless we rediscover a cohesive western society and western peoples, we cannot come out of this death trap laid by the hostile elite.

  2. My god, this REALLY is incredible... If I find some old bubble gun wrap in my room maybe the Fed will exchange it for some cash :D

  3. An amazing post. Further I am speechless

  4. If only the owners of the Titanic had this deal a hundred years ago.

    They skim off the surviving passengers and whatever deck chairs that float to the surface and they dump the liabilities of the dead passengers and crew plus the sunk ship onto the government and ultimately the taxpayers.

    1. Was it the Titanic or the Olympic?

  5. Unreal. Plunder of taxpayer assets by the banks sanctioned by Fed Gov. Privatized profits with socialized risk. Hamilton must be jumping up and down clapping in his grave.

    Can we say credit bubble #2? The Fed is chewing and the banks are drinking the Kool-Aid again.