Friday, February 1, 2013

David Stockman Tells Lauren Lyster: ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Was a Head-Fake

First off, the television news desk that Yahoo has put Lauren Lyster behind is terrible. There is no sense of the personal engagement that Lyster was able to convey with the set she was on at RT. She looks like she is being swallowed up by the Yahoo set.

As for the Stockman interview, Stockman, clearly, maintains the government mind set perspective from his Office of Management and Budget days in the Reagan administration. He is worried about the "cost" of maintaining what's left of the Bush tax cuts, and he calls for a federal sales tax.

That said, Stockman is an honest government thinking geek and spills the beans on how out of control government spending really is.

The interview is here.


  1. You mean we can't look at her legs.

    And I agree. I liked looking at her legs.

    1. Yahoo is nuts to put LLL (Lauren 'Legs' Lyster) behind a desk.

  2. Can't believe they let that dweeb headline at Mises in NYC.

  3. Stockman said "everyone benefits from government...", I beg to differ.