Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Does Your Town Have A Drone Overhead?...Check The Map

By, Chris Rossini

"Hey Dad...what's that in the sky?"

"That's called a drone son...Many of them are up there to watch over us; making sure we're all safe".

"Oh yeah, I learned about them in school. We're so lucky to be free, aren't we Dad?"

"Yes we are son....Yes we are."

The Federal Aviation Administration has released a new drone authorization list. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released a map containing the locations of domestic drone authorizations.

See if your area is on the list.

Some new drone license applicants include:

- The State Department
- National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
- Barona Band of Mission Indians Risk Management Office (near San Diego, California)
- Canyon County Sheriff’s Office (Idaho)
- Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (Northwest Oregon)
- Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department (North Dakota)
- King County Sheriff’s Office (covering Seattle, Washington)

And several new entities in Ohio, including:

- Medina County Sheriff’s Office
- Ohio Department of Transportation
- Sinclair Community College
- Lorain County Community College

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