Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dow, S&P Close at 5-Year Highs

The Dow and S&P 500 gained to finish at five-year highs in trading Tuesday. With the Dow's move higher, the blue-chip average is now about 1 percent from its all-time record close of 14,164.53 hit on October 9, 2007. The Dow is up more than 7 percent so far in 2013. 

The move is no surprise to EPJ Daily Alert readers. On December 28, I wrote in the ALERT:
Bernanke has his foot to the pedal. This will continue to drive the stock market,
housing market and most commodities higher. The year 2013 will, for at
least the first half, be a manipulated boom period.

On January 2, I wrote in the ALERT:
 The cover story for this climb is the passing by Congress of a fiscal
cliff deal. The real story, as the Alert has been hammering away at, is
the Bernanke money printing. As long as it continues, and there is no
end in sight. Stocks, housing and commodities will be climbing higher.


  1. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble...
    Hell, let's just buy in now, and place limit sells at 10% drops. Screw decency, at least make a buck.

  2. Of course gold is DOWN (not up) since last year by 4.6%.