Saturday, February 23, 2013

EPJ Week In Review - Week Ending 2-22-13

By, Chris Rossini
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Below you'll find everything that has been published on EPJ for the week ended Friday February 22nd, 2013. The hottest posts of each day are highlighted in red.

Every weekday begins with an installment of Morning Coffee with Murray Rothbard. These are short clips of the man himself speaking about a particular topic.

Most Commented Posts
  1. Joe Weisenthal Goes Total Idiot in an Attack on Austrians
  2. Why Walter Block and Stephan Kinsella Sound Like Central Planners When They Talk About Debtor's Prison
  3. The Evil Bastard Krugman
Friday 2/22/13
Thursday 2/21/13

Wednesday 2/20/13
Tuesday 2/19/13
Monday 2/18/13
Sunday 2/17/13
Saturday 2/16/12

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James Altucher on The Robert Wenzel Show
Sunday Feb. 24th
James Altucher
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