Saturday, February 23, 2013

As The World Turns

By, Chris Rossini
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Below you'll find snapshots of how major markets around the world ended the week.

U.S. - Dow Jones Industrial Average +.13%

China - Shanghai Composite Index -4.86%

Japan - Nikkei +1.90%

UK - FTSE +.12%

Germany - DAX Composite +.90%

Spain - Madrid General Index +.22%

Brazil - Bovespa Stock Index -2.08%

Israel - Tel Aviv 25 Index -.22%

Switzerland - Swiss Market Index +.72%

Gold -1.95%

Silver -3.76%

Crude Oil -3.05%

U.S. Dollar Index +1.12%

Euro -1.27%

U.S. 30YR T-Bond Yield -.75%

Bitcoin Price = 30.25

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  1. In my article Political Crisis In Italy Together With Eurozone Economic Decline Enables Currency Traders To Devalue Currencies Causing Investors To Derisk Out Of Stocks and Deleverage Out Of Commodities

    I relate, World Stocks, VT, and Commodities, DBC, traded lower on political tensions in Italy, as well as on the exhaustion of the world central banks’ monetary authority to stimulate global growth and corporate profits, as currency traders commenced competitive currency devaluation, who called Major World Currencies, DBV, 0.33% lower to close at 26.86; and Emerging Market Currencies, CEW, 0.62% lower to close at 21.15.

    The US Dollar, $USD, traded higher 1.1% higher to close at 81.48. Liberalism’s Milton Friedman Free To Choose Floating Currency Regime, has failed, as the US Dollar is no longer sinking. Look for other currencies to stop rising and fall lower. There is no longer any International Reserve Currency. All currencies, will be following the South African Rand, the British Pound Sterling, and the Japanese Yen lower in Competitive Currency Devaluation, causing investors to derisk out of stocks and delverage out of commodities. Action Forex reports the EUR/JPY … traded lower to 132.25

    The world central banks’, that is the US Fed’s, the ECB’s, the BoJ’s, and the POBC’s, monetary policies, have in effect printed trillions dollars of dollars to lend to the Major World Banks, IXG, that created and used the Japanese Yen Carry Trade Scheme to flood world markets with bogus speculative trading, based upon the most toxic of debt, such as the Distressed Investments, FAGIX, held by the US Fed, upon which QE1 was based, (and backed mainly by AIG insured derivative swap contracts), Senior Bank Loans, BKLN, and Junk Bonds, JNK.

    New sovereignty, new sovereigns, and new sovereign wealth is coming from two agents of Destructionism, these being first, the unwinding of the Euro Yen Currency Carry Trade, that is the EUR/JPY, and second competitive currency devaluation.

    The economic and political shift from Liberalism to Authoritarianism being foretold in Daniel 2:25-45, as a Ten Toed Kingdom, that is a global empire, with toes of a miry mixture of iron diktat and clay democracy; and a Beast Regime, in Revelation 13:1-4, is unseen by practically everyone, as it has a coat of a leopard, whereby it blends in with all of mankind’s media, technology, banking, educational, banking, government and religious and think tank institutions; the feet of a bear which enables it to stand its ground as well as root out its enemies, and the mouth of a lion to make authoritative governing statements; this minotaur, is the ultimate predator, devouring all who it chooses to consume.

    With the Great Paradigm Shift from Liberalism to Authoritarianism, political governance will change from the rule of sovereign nation states to regional governance; and economic experience from investment choice to debt servitude; as leaders meet in summits to renounce national sovereignty and pool sovereignty regionally, a concept that has been presented by Herman van Rompuy for a long time.

    Sovereignty begets seigniorage, that is moneyness. Where seigniorage exists, that is where moneyness manifests, there exists a sovereign producing it.

    New seigniorage, that is new moneyness, is coming on the death of the fiat money system, that is on the death of the Milton Friedman Free To Choose Floating Currency Regime.

    Regional leaders and diktat, will replace sovereign nation states and investment choice; these will provide the seigniorage of diktat. “Paper money no more”, will be Authoritarianism’s banner. The fiat money system will soon be replaced by the diktat money system, where diktat serves as currency, credit, power and wealth.