Saturday, February 23, 2013

He Helps Me Choose My Chicken: “That piece looks like a winner!”

Lunch with the FT: Donald Trump

By Martin Dickson

Donald Trump
©James Ferguson
“Give him some rice, too!” Donald Trump instructs the server behind the buffet counter. Rice? I haven’t asked for rice. I’m more of a potatoes person, and that is what I have just ordered from the display cabinet, to go with my stuffed baked chicken. But if the Donald wants me to try the rice as well, it seems churlish to refuse. This, after all, is his restaurant, the Trump Grill, a wood-panelled, clubby enclave serving American fare in the basement food court of his best known Manhattan building, Trump Tower.

If truth be told, I would prefer to be ordering from the Grill’s set menu – the tourist in me wants the “Trump Grill Burger” followed by “Trump’s Ice Cream” – but the billionaire real estate developer has intimated that it would be good to try the buffet, which he tells me is “the best in New York”.


  1. Roughly ten years ago, a buddy of mine worked on a golf course under development that is now owned by Trump (he happened to leave before The Donald purchased it).

    He's now a manager at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. This was fortuitous for him simply because he gained experience building a course from scratch and is now part of the management team that oversaw the US Open last year.

    Haha. That's my six degrees of separation Trump story, or rather, my friend's story.

  2. Trump is only hilarious and fascinating at a distance. Having to personally deal with narcissists really is energy draining. Everything you say and do, right down to your choice of meal apparently, has to cater to their ego.

    If I had the choice between becoming richer but having to work under this egomaniac everyday and staying at my current income, I'd choose the latter.

  3. "Read the rest here" ah, no thanks.