Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Long Would It Take to Become a Millionaire if You Could Save All Your Money?

The Economist looked at how much the main breadwinner in an average household makes each year.To make it totally make believe, they used pre-tax data. On this measure, America creates the swiftest millionaires, and also the most (around 5m households, or 4% of the total).


  1. Can you please link to the original article?

  2. "To make it totally make believe, they used pre-tax data."

    lol....sometimes I need to reign in my ADD and read the notes ahead of the graphs.

    I'm so used to bullshit in looking at commentary before data that I skip over it first at times when I shouldn't. I'd have saved myself a couple of minutes of head scratching....its my own fault for not considering the source of the commentary first.