Sunday, February 10, 2013

Justin Raimondo on Rand Paul, President Obama, Murray Rothbard and Much More

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Justin Raimondo

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Raimondo's article referenced in the interview: Rand Paul's War Against "Radical Islam"

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  1. The direct link is to last week's needs to be fixed.

  2. the audio only player is from last week with Carol.

  3. The link to the direct download and the small podbean player link to last weeks show. But the youtube vid is good.

  4. This Raimondo interview was one of the best. Loved his dissection of the neocons. And his personal experiences with Rothbard as well as identifying him as the founder of modern-day libertarianism was terrific. Great job, Wenzel! Your line-up of interviewees just keeps gettin' better and better.

  5. Excellent interview with Raimondo. The part where he talks about Rand Paul's Presidential Run being as much of a fundraising scheme as a serious run for President I thought was the most hard hitting point.

    Is there any better reason why a MLM guy like Doug Wead would get involved in this? He knows a thing or two about fundraising schemes, to say the least.

    Hopefully the grassroots supporters who gave so much time and money and energy to the 2012 campaign will think long and hard about 2016.

  6. Great interview and I thought he also answered the question you asked in conjunction with your upcoming Moshe Feiglin interview: is the neocon pro-Israeli hysteria mostly an American phenomena or rather something which is orchestrated from Israel? And the answer was, yes, it's a means to an end, where the end is to have some categorization of good vs. bad guys which can be sold to the Evangelical masses to garner their support and at the same time line the pockets of the military-industrial complex really well.

    Not that there aren't individuals in Israel's elite who profit from this bonanza (people like Ehud Barak, for example), but the average Israeli person is pretty clueless of that, he/she kind of likes the neocon/Evangelical sympathy but at the same believes in live-and-let-live "isolationism".

  7. While we try to decipher Rand Paul, so do the hipsters at

    Last question: Explain Kentucky to me.

    (laughs) That’s a good question.

    How can it be the state of such beauty and creativity, and the state of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and a creationist museum, but also Hunter Thompson and Muhammad Ali and Jim James.

    I’m trying to understand it myself. I think it’s just a classic case of education and fear. I think people who aren’t open to being educated and being open to the truth of living in reality live in fear. You know, a person like Mitch McConnell’s filled with fear and filled with hate that he doesn’t even understand. On one hand, you almost feel bad for him, ‘cause you’re like, “Man, you really don’t know what’s going on. You don’t understand the reality of life and that people need your help and you’re choosing not to help them.” In that sense, it’s very sad.

    Kentucky’s a very mysterious place. There’s a lot of spirits in Kentucky– going back to the Native Americans’ viewpoints on Kentucky and stuff, they were afraid of Kentucky in some ways. There’s a lot of spirits that I can’t claim to understand, but obviously there’s good and bad, because there’s a lot of creativity and a lot of beauty. Kentucky is this really cool, blank slate, at least for me. Kentucky and Louisville – everybody thinks it is what it isn’t.

    Most of the time, what hipster "progressives" hate most about Republicans are the few good things Republicans might do.