Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moshe Feiglin Will Be This Week's Guest on The Robert Wenzel Show

By, Chris Rossini

This Week's Guest
Moshe Feiglin
Knesset Member, and head of the Manhigut Yehudit faction of the Likud party in Israel.

This Sunday - February 17th

James Altucher - Sunday, February 24th
Blogger, entrepreneur and venture capital investor

Daniel McAdams - Sunday, March 3rd
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Adviser

Robert Morrow & Judy Morris - Sunday, March 10th
On LBJ and the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

Stephan Kinsella - Sunday April 7th
SPECIAL EDITION: Wenzel versus Kinsella on IP

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  1. Thank you for posting these. I have not been able to access them.