Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Neocon Rubin: We're not for "small" government; we're for "limited" government

By, Chris Rossini

Neocon Jennifer Rubin is upset with Obama because he keeps misrepresenting what Republicans are all about. So, she rattles off "Ten things Republicans believe."

All ten "beliefs" could be debated, but one of them really stuck out, which I'll explore below.

Rubin's Belief #7
A belief in limited government. I do not say “small” government, because we passed that point decades ago.
It appears that Democrats are not the only ones who have been practicing linguistic gymnastics. Not believing in "small" government, but "limited" government is equivalent to swapping out "climate change" for "global warming". It's all BS.

Of course, Rubin does not describe what the difference between "small" and "limited" is, but it really makes no difference, Republicans aren't interested in anything other than the expansion of The State.

The only accuracy in Rubin's statement is that "we passed that point decades ago." Her timing is correct. It was Republican President Richard Nixon who closed the gold window. Republican Ronald Reagan, and his Maestro Central Banker would then liquor up the American public with cheap money to an extent that the world had never seen.

This combination of libertarian rhetoric and statism would cause Murray Rothbard to accurately read the situation after Reagan would leave office: "These years have surely left an ominous legacy for the future: we shall undoubtedly suffer from the after-shocks of Reaganism for years to come."

Republicans still hang onto the rhetoric to garner votes from the masses who don't know any better. And they've even suckered in a bunch of libertarians, who do know better, but can't resist taking the bait.

Rubin continues her description, and guess who's name gets dropped?
We know Republicans, even Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), generally are not looking to repeal Medicare or other entitlements.
Yes, we do know that. But that's OK, as long as Republicans are for "limited" government, the Welfare State is all good.

Then Rubin drops the BIG ONE:
That, in turn, means a suspicion of centralized power, a desire for less regulation and a defense of constitutional rights despite the left’s indifference to the same (e.g. Second Amendment protection, opposition to anti-First Amendment campaign finance reform).

Has she forgotten about The Decider?

The Decider

The Patriot Act has the signature of The Decider on it. 

The Department of Homeland Security was created by The Decider.

When your genitals are grabbed at the airport, you can thank The Decider for the TSA.

No Child Left Behind?


Real ID Act?

Warrantless Wiretapping?


Thank The Decider.

And Rubin has the chuztpah to use the words "suspicion of centralized power"? Her neo-con belief is nothing but a sham.

Republicans, when out of power, go to their trusty rhetoric and wait until its their turn to pillage again. When that time inevitably comes, they wholeheartedly out-Democrat the Democrats.

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  1. Anyone with a brain can see through this garbage, but I believe it was Stan & Kyle from South Park that said (slight paraphrase). "You think that 1/4th of Americans are retards?"' "Ya dude at least one fourth".
    Question for Robert, do you read The Daily Paul? Occasionally I see a post here that I saw there first, wouldn't surprise me as that's a great mostly liberty minded site as well.

  2. LOL Let's see, she does have one point on which she's being honest: that the government has blown past being 'small' decades ago.

  3. Maybe it's a typo and she meant "Unlimited government".

    Also, LOL at The Decider picture and caption.

  4. The only difference between the Dems and the Repubs is the lies they spew.