Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paging Mitch McConnell: Jesse Benton Goes Wild Hustling Acai Berries

Jesse Benton  is going insane on twitter with the username @LibertyPac. He is tweeting up a storm, hustling acai berry pills.  Is this a mano y mano challenge to Doug Wead's milkshakes? Prior to the latest series of acai berry related tweets, Benton hasn't sent out a tweet since 2011! Does he fear his McConnell campaign is in such dire straits that he better set up a second career as a acai berry salesman? Was his twitter account hacked? Lets's see his password is probably not hard to guess.

Username: LibertyPac
Password: LMAO
or maybe: AllTheWay2theBank

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  1. I thought Liberty pac belonged to Ron?

  2. Ron Paul paid donated money to this man. Boy I wish I knew the explanation.

  3. I don't think Jesse Benton is who I would be going to for an endorsement on weight loss products.

  4. Obviously he was hacked/phished

  5. I think it got hacked. My friend's email got hacked and it started sending out stuff like this.

  6. Incidentally I just unfollowed him like a week ago. I'd rather him sell stuff than be involved in politics...