Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rand Paul is Now a Libertarian (Thanks to Sean Hannity)

It should not be forgotten that in 2010 Rand Paul told Time that he considered the libertarian label an albatross.

During an interview earlier this week, Rand could not break that news to Sean Hannity, so he agreed with Hannity, when Hannity called him a libertarian, though Rand did attempt to then dilute the "damage" by calling himself a "libertarian Republican".

During the interview, Rand also seemed to take a non-libertarian position on the drug war. He seemed to indicate that he was in favor of a continuation of  federal meddling into the lives of those taking street drugs, though he is said he was against current harsh penalties. As ambiguous as ever, no one not on drugs could possibly understand what this means.

For you Rand P fans, who like to spin things, here's the clip you need to spin.


  1. I think Rand really had a chance to do something great and capture the energy his dad really got moving but alas he's just not like his father.

    The nice thing about having a true libertarian in Congress is that it's a great platform to promote the ideas of liberty. It will of course be a lonely life for the individual in D.C. but it's the sacrifice you make.

    I can't see anyone yet that can really carry the torch forward in Washington.

  2. Rand could do some short term damage to the liberty movement, simply by virtue of his birth and bearing the last name "Paul." He's clearly warming to the neocon machine in effort to fight the GOP stigma attached to this name, for the sake of his personal aspirations. Such that now, the GOP sees him as their vehicle for co-opting the Ron Paul movement. Therefore I expect, unlike his father, he will get full coverage in the next campaign.