Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Similarity Between American & Iranian Media

By, Chris Rossini

Apparantly Iran's State TV photoshopped sleeves onto Michelle Obama's dress when she was busy propagandizing at the Oscars:

How horrible, right?

Blatant censorship.

Perhaps the neocons are right...the "force for good" must do battle with "the axis of evil". The "force for good" must (with bombs and tanks) set those poor citizens free. Their government only portrays to them what their government wants them to see.

Over on this side of the Earth, where "the force for good" resides, we have "freedom of the press" and tolerance.

For example, do you remember the 2008 Ames Straw Poll, where Ron Paul garnered 9.1% of the vote?

See if you can find him on Fox News:

Or how about the New Hampshire Primary in 2011?

Ron Paul Romney pulled in 19% on that day.

Oh and let's not forget the Ron Paul "Someone Else" incident.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, on this side of the Earth, government censorship has been abolished. Information flows as freely as the water in the Strait of Hormuz.

Freedom of the Press is a shining star and a gem of Western Civilization....(assuming you have a license from the FCC, of course).

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  1. Well, what else is there to say other than "I can't believe how evil those Iranians are".

    There, now I can get back to my regular programming. :)