Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rand Paul Refuses to Take Questions from Reporter


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    1. is there a video evidence? Was Raimondo respectful and courteous?

      Why is anti-war so hostile? isnt there a way to disagree without being disagreeable?

  2. Doesn't AWC know how to play the game? You must kiss ass and never be critical, else you get shut out.

  3. But he MUST do that, you see, in order to infiltrate the GOP and bring a period of liberty full of unicorns and rainbows from the white house.

    He's the best we've got, don't you know that?
    Why are you always picking on a man who everybody knows that in his heart is for peace and liberty? He's just playing the game and you want to bother him with those nasty questions.

  4. Tony, that is a very funny summary of the typical fluff sprayed by Rand apologists.

  5. The fact that he bases his conclusions on the work of an entity that probably has one of the worst track records for accurate forecasting tells you all you need to understand about the quality of his thinking. IMO, a dart randomly tossed at a wall of numbers has more credibility than a CBO forecast.