Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rand Paul's Regulatory Arbitrage

By, Chris Rossini
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Rand knows how important it is to keep Ron Paul supporters who have shifted over to Rand pacified.

So, Rand throws out a bone here and there.

The lastest is reported by Politico:
Following his father’s crusade, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has refiled legislation that would require an expansive audit of the Federal Reserve.

The proposed audit of the bank that oversees the nation’s monetary system has been a longtime crusade of Ron Paul and became a banner issue during his unsuccessful 2012 presidential campaign. He argued that the Fed was responsible for manipulating currency and damaging the economy. Ron Paul was able to persuade Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich to also support an audit.
That last sentence is rather comical. Have either Romney or Gingrich even uttered the word "Fed" since the election?

In any case, Rand has tossed the Audit bill out there, and it should keep enough libertarians satisfied that Rand is up there representin'.

At the same time, Rand says that pre-emptive war should be on the table with Iran...and is today praising the passage of a Senate bill that beefs up funding for security at U.S. foreign embassies.

Rand is fixated on the procedures that were followed at Benghazi, instead of being a voice for closing down the Empire. The individuals in Benghazi would still be alive if the U.S. had a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Rand's statement contains none of that.

The Senator is clearly playing both sides of the battle here. And EPJ keeps bringing this to light to libertarians.

The Fed & Empire go hand in hand.

The former is the beating heart of the latter.

Ron Paul knew this:

Rand cannot serve two masters.

His arbitrage approach can only do harm to the cause of liberty. When such a candidate reaches power, the real master takes over....and it ain't liberty.

We can't afford another Ronald Reagan. Rhetoric and pacifying people with libertarian impulses only hoodwinks those very same libertarians, and also sets them up as a scapegoat. How many times has big taxing, big spending, warmongering, constitution-breaking Reagan been thrown in every non-leftist's face?

I don't believe there are enough ticks on the clock for that kind of setback again.


  1. Politico said:

    "Ron Paul was able to persuade Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich to also support an audit."

    Here's the real, damning, record of Romney on the issue of the Federal Reserve:

    Rand Paul Is A Horrible Liar & Ron Paul DO NOT Endorse Obamney !

    Keep up the great work, Robert Wenzel. Thank you.

  2. Washington is finished. No true libertarian can do much good there. It is almost impossible that we'll see another Ron Paul at the federal level.

    Rand Paul doesn't fool me either. I pray for the collapse of the federal government. We don't need it. I hope I see it collapse long before I die.

  3. What do you reckon the odds are of Elizabeth Warren supporting a Fed audit?

  4. Rand who? As far as I am concerned, he turned his back on his father.

  5. The Empire was closed down in the 30s. We got the roaring 40s. The current system (bad as it is) was designed to prevent a repeat. It has so far. Going on 70 years.

    A question I always ask - who would you prefer to fill the power vacuum? Russia? China? Islam Inc.? Never gets answered.

    Perhaps you will be the first.

    1. Swallowed the propaganda completely, eh? Next....

    2. After all, look what happened to Switzerland when they refused to project their power. First the Germans, then the Russians, and now the Chinese are running that place. And lets not forget how empires go to Afghanistan and not die. AmIright?

  6. Of course, when Ron Paul endorses Rand Paul for president, the EPJ will be SOL.