Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Neocon Take on Rand Paul's Speech

He has them confused. Neocon Jennifer Rubin writes:
Some of what Paul says is simplistic to the point of being misleading. Some of what he says is daft. And some of what he says is says is compelling and important, albeit vague. If he wants to start building credibility he will have to start spelling out what he means; depending on what he does mean, that may be problematic. It is comparatively easy to be a gadfly in the Senate. It is much harder to master detail, present credible legislation and accomplish aims, not simply recite compelling political theory. It is not clear yet which route Rand Paul will choose.


  1. Is she trying to be funny? What mastery of detail, or credible legislation or aims did the current president accomplish during his time in the senate and before?
    Do the 'people of America' even want that?

    Who's to say that Rand can't copy that model successfully?!

  2. "If he wants to start building credibility he will have to start spelling out what he means"

    In other words, he has to admit publicly that the most important foreign policy goal is the security of Israel, and the best way to achieve that is through perpetual war abroad and imposition of a national security police state at home. Scratch a Neocon and you will always find a Zionist chicken hawk warmonger. How many of these despicable cowards send their children to boot camp to become cannon fodder for the imperial regime in DC?

  3. all part of the strategy. Confuse them and expose them as not really conservatives. Ms. Rubin is against cutting 50bn from the budget. Quick look at the comments & most of them are mocking her and the claim she is conservative.