Thursday, February 21, 2013

TSA Detains 3yr Old In Wheelchair Who Suffers from Spina Bifida

By, Chris Rossini

Just listen to the conversations that take place between the disgusting TSA agents and this family. What a complete and utter disaster.

Video description via Breitbart News:
Lucy, who suffers from Spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair was on her way to Disney World when she was stopped after going through security at her home airport. She, along with her parents and siblings made it through the security checkpoint without a problem until the TSA stopped them on their way to their gate. TSA promptly took away Lucy's favorite toy which led her to weep uncontrollably. TSA demanded that her parents stop recording. Lucy's father, a lawyer, told them that he was legally allowed to record them and her mother said repeatedly "you're not touching my daughter" without a camera documenting their actions. 

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  1. The parents are Paul supporters.

  2. Aren't there more incidents like this? Sue for damages, an injunction, and file criminal charges from the TSA agent on up to the head of TSA.

  3. Scum of the earth. Abolish TSA now!

  4. Why do Americans put up with this? Shouldn't there have been a flash mob defending these people?
    Worse than sheep. Enablers.
    Bah, I'm so disgusted. I always "opt out", not because of the radiation, but just to piss them off. EVERYBODY should do it. It's not hard, and it's completely according to their rules. We had an "opt out" day last year and it was a complete bust. I have lost all my faith and respect for the American people.

  5. I couldn't watch until the end, I was kind of getting nauseous.

    Every time I see something like that I feel like showing it to the people who says that without the state private entities would do all kinds of evil things.

    That may be true, but it would never even get close to the level of the evil things states do. Look at this fucking video: We have a disabled three year old being aggressively harassed because she somehow may be a security threat, you can't make this up.

    1. This is the best defense I have ever read as to why private entities would not create anything close to the evil of the modern state:

  6. The little girl is friggin' adorable. As you watch her cry and say she no longer wants Disney World, you almost expect some TSA goon to relent at the sight of innocent suffering.

    Nope. The dirtbags continue to fight for their "right" to treat people like slaves.

    15 years from now, how will these experiences mold our young ones? Interventionist monsters rail against gun ownership, privacy and private property rights. They have no idea how these idiotic policies affect the future, and they don't care.

  7. It has become apparent to me watching videos like this, and traveling sporadically myself, that the TSA has adopted an intermittent policy of "killing you with kindness" to wear you down.

    Notice how professional the last agent seems in explaining the process of examining the wheelchair.

    A malevolent person could sing sweet lullabies to a child while engaging in molestation. While many TSA agents undoubtedly have no malevolent intentions, it does not change the end result of what's happening in our airports.

    What gives them the right to feel and view our naked bodies, especially our children?

    1. "While many TSA agents undoubtedly have no malevolent intentions"

      Bull. Shit.

    2. Exactly. TSA gives thousands of Jerry Sanduskys legal cover to fulfil their disgusting desires.