Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Will the Internet Sites You Use Inform On You?

Jason Ditz reports:
As expected, President Obama used the State of the Union Address to announce a new executive order on cybersecurity, including the creation of a “voluntary” system of information sharing with government agencies for businesses.
The announcement avoids the specific efforts to encourage businesses to violate customers’ privacy, and instead focuses on developing “best practice” standards which it will simply encourage, and not initially force, companies to go along with.
Typical government end around. They will get what they want, when they want it. All "voluntary," of course. The evil nudge.


  1. Encouragement! That's how tyrants start hamstringing you.
    Just like the founding fathers promoted the general Welfare.
    And now it costs us six months out of twelve to pay for part of this welfare. The remaining part they secure by borrowing and printing.
    What do they promise in return for the money borrowed? To hamstring us some more.


  2. It sounds like Apple is playing ball. Maybe that's why Tim Cook was Obama's guest at the State of the Union?

  3. I use a VPN paid for with bitcoins. There's no name associated with my web browsing and internet usage. I suggest all critics of the State do the same.