Friday, March 29, 2013

A GOP Subliminal Message for Hispanics

By, Chris Rossini

Page 17 of The Republican's master plan known as the "Growth and Opportunity Project" reads:
It is imperative that the RNC changes how it engages with Hispanic communities to welcome in new members of our Party. If Hispanic Americans hear that the GOP doesn't want them in the United States, they won't pay attention to our next sentence.
Neocon Jennifer Rubin shows that she has read the instructions and has comprehended the sage advice. In one of her columns today, that criticizes Obamacare, she shows how the process of "engagement" is done (my emphasis):
President Obama in 2012 used “The Life of Julia” storybook ad to highlight all the great things the welfare state does for single women. How about the “Life of Ricardo,” illustrating how Obamacare is going to mess up the health insurance and employment opportunities for a middle-class father, and how a GOP alternative would work?
Here's my advice for "Ricardo":

Republicans will do nothing about Obamacare, but they will find a way to send you and your friends to go shoot-em-up somewhere in the world.

They may even slip, and call you a "wetback" along the way.

No "Ricardo"...Republicans are not for you.

Best to dump both parties.

Look into libertarianism.

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  1. The fact that many libertarians associate with racists like Peter Brimelow will probably turn them away from libertarianism as well.

    1. I have no idea who that racist brit is, but if he encourages the state to send people home, he is a statist that wants to empower the state to do things....on the taxpayer dollar. Libertarianism must not be confused with statism or people that call themselves libertarian and support political parties or state intervention of any sort. Austrian Economics and Rothbardianism are what everyone should desire, including hispanics. Mises laid out some fundamental humane fact about human being in Human Action, and this can inspire anybody to become Libertarian. Rothbard endured these theories. The more people look into true libertarian ideals like those of the Austrian School, the more hispanics will move that way. It seems more and more hispanics, or later generations of hispanic immigrants, are leaning Libertarian and favor the Austrian School.