Monday, March 11, 2013

Bloomberg as Your Morning "Won't Leave You Alone Bitch"

This is how you will have to deal with mornings in NYC now that Mayor Bloomberg has decided to be the bitch in your morning routine. Bloomberg's new regulations on sugary drinks over 16 ounces become effective tomorrow.  From NY Magazine:
Baristas can't add more than three to five packets of sugar to cups of coffee over sixteen ounces. If you want extra sweetener, you're going to have to add it yourself.
Zero-calorie beverages aren't part of the ban, but restaurants with self-service drink fountains aren't allowed to stock cups larger than sixteen ounces, so you'll have to refill your sixteen-ounce cup again and again.
And don't think for a minute the bitch won't be back in your face at dinner or during a night on the town:

If You Order a Large Soda When You Get Pizza Delivered[...]even if you can get two liters at grocery stores, you can't get them with food delivery, so plan ahead if you wash down pizza and wings with a giant glass of Pepsi.
If You Buy Bottle Service at Clubs: A $300 bottle of vodka no longer comes with complimentary mixers. That includes cranberry juice and, obviously, sodas, which are usually served in 32-ounce carafes.


  1. I guess club goers will have to drink their bottle of vodka neat.

    Surely that's healthier than a "sugary drink".

  2. Breaking news! "Judge Invalidates New York City's Ban on Big Sugary Drinks!" --NYT