Friday, March 22, 2013

David Gordon and Roberta Modugno at the Mises Institute

David Gordon and Roberta Modugno are also attending the Austrian Economics Research Conference 2013 at the Mises Institute.

David is editor of Strictly Confidential: The Private Volker Fund Memos of Murray N. Rothbard

Roberta is editor of Rothbard vs. the Philosophers.

I coaxed them into posing for this picture by telling them EPJ readers would buy lots of their books.


  1. lol...Gordon looks happy you are taking his picture.

  2. He's got that "assassin" look. Watch out!!

  3. Great talk you gave today!
    I learned some stuff.
    I was taken in by the Reagan myth for way too long.
    So, basically, the U.S.S.R. was propped up by the west for many years, and would have collapsed long before it did if it weren't for the FDR cadre of commies.
    Ah, our wise overlords (tm Tom Woods).

  4. This is a rare chance to take picture for the two most knowledgeable Rothbadian in the world. You should bring a better camera:)

  5. Yeah, he looks like he has an exclamation point hovering over his head.

    Great job on the speech, by the way.