Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Former TSA Chief Says Battle Axes and Machetes Should Be Allowed on Planes

Former Transportation Security Administration chief Kip Hawley told CNN that he supports a new policy allowing small knives on planes, but said it does not go far enough, and should include instruments such as "battle axes (and) machetes."

It's really time for airplane security to be turned over to individual airlines. If there is an airline that wants to allow machetes on planes, they should be allowed to make that choice. On the other hand, if there is an airline that thinks machetes is not exactly a good decision, then they should be allowed to make that decision, without interference from the yo yo  central planning policies of the TSA.

 Baghdad TSA Bob has a graphic of the new items that will be allowed on planes.


  1. Are they going to return my nail clippers?

  2. Jeezuz, Are they TRYING to make themselves look like idiots???
    In an enclosed space like an airplane, if I want to wreak mayhem, give me the SHORT BAT please!!!
    Did any of these bozos ever wonder why sawed-off shotguns are ILLEGAL???? (not that I think they should be)

    1. Capn, my thought exactly. That's why policemen carry batons and not bats.

  3. LOL, he didn't that's me, after his quote.

  4. In other news, former TSA Chief will not be allowed on planes because he has gone fucking crazy, but is still not crazy enough to keep his job at TSA. Janet's plans require psychopaths...