Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Has Rand Paul Turned Against Foreign Interventions?

Here's the latest from Rand's filibuster:

Has Rand morphed into Ron? I doubt it. Rand has flipped too many times on too many issues to think that at this time. Let's see what happens down the road when someone asks him about the 51st state. Although the filibuster is exciting, keep in mind that it will not change any legislation. It will not change any Obama Administration policy. Rand is pretty good at being libertarian when there are no votes in front of him and there isn't a direct implication for the 51st state. Israel really doesn't care whether Rand is wearing a rug or Obama is knocking off Americans via drone (Unless it's a drone aimed at the next Johnathan Pollard). At such times, when countervailing pressure is not working on him, he can really let it rip, as we see today. Let's see what happens in the real world, though, after the filibuster is over.

What's moost important is when there are votes at hand and when Rand's vote is important. Let's see what happens then, before we form an opinion as to whether or not he is just all filibuster and nothing more.


  1. Checked MSM to see how Ol' Rand is doing. BTW, whatever my differences with him, this is heroic.
    Anyhow, the comments (y'know, the ol' Vox populi) are harrowing.
    One one of my favorites said, in effect: "Hey, cops and SWATs kill people everyday! To keep us safe!! So shut up, you right wing nutjob!".
    USA is DOA.

  2. Rand hasn't morphed into Ron. He's sticking up for Israel. Bank on it.

    Watch link:

    Israel views Brennan as a threat. Rand may have say some good things, but I'm guessing his motives are centered in our 51st state.

  3. Can't you at least give him props when he's doing what's right? Jeez, you'd think the guy stole your girlfriend or something...

  4. I'm with you Wenzel, this seems way to convenient

  5. He's a politician and sensed opportunity without risk. Although it wasn't Ron's style, Rand isn't Ron, and that's okay. Perhaps this awakens some on the left and "brings people together" as Dad always said. That is good. Anything that dissolves barriers between polarized parties is hugely important. Could spell some damage for the Dems, or bigger tent for the liberty movement.

    But... the warmongering GOP rallied around him. It's definitely NOT good that the despicable GOP establishment trusts Rand. Also, he voted for NDAA which as we all know is the offensive, warmongering, interventionist business plan. Also Rand is clearly in pursuit of power, which is usually the first sign of someone you don't want having power.

    Still, Rand just posed questions to the regime, and he went viral with them. Big win.