Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jeb, Reince & The Drowning GOP

By, Chris Rossini

NationalJournal says that Jeb Bush gave "the signature speech" at CPAC. So naturally I took a peak.

Here are a few things that I found:
"In our country today, if you’re born poor, if your parents didn’t go to college, if you don’t know your father, if English isn’t spoken at your home, then the odds are stacked against you.”
Isn't that interesting....

Of all the countries on Earth, he's describing America.

This used to be the place where people would escape to from their tyrannical governments. It didn't matter if they were poor; if their parents were educated, and the need to speak English was not required.

I know from my own family history that the legends are actually true. My grandfather came here as a teenager, his parents stayed behind, he didn't know anyone, and only finished the 8th grade. And yet...in America (at that time) those conditions would not be an excuse to give up. You were the lucky one to have a chance in the land of the free.

For goodness sakes, the Statue of Liberty even says: "Give me your tired, your poor Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Today? Jeb Bush says that the odds are stacked against you. And, in a sense, he's right. But his diagnosis is surely the exact opposite of mine. I say that the very tyranny that people were escaping, has, like a blob, been devouring freedom here for many years now.

Back in the land of opportunity days, there was no minimum wage forcing the low-skilled and teenagers into unemployment. There was no income tax, and no Federal Reserve killing the currency. There was no military empire...no police state...and no desire to bomb every foreigner into 'doing it our way.'

So yeah, the government has stacked the odds...but not only against the poor; against all of us.

Jeb then gives his analysis on a problem that Republicans are having:
“Too often we’re associated with being 'anti' everything,” he said. “Way too many people believe Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker…and the list goes on and on and on."
Poor Republicans....they have a marketing problem.

Perhaps I can give them a hand, by pointing out the things that they are for. They can use these (royalty free) in their marketing materials.

We're Republicans, and we are "For" the following:
  • War & Military Empire
  • Drones
  • The TSA
  • Spying on your every move
  • Handouts to Crony Corporations
  • The Welfare State
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Licensing, the Minimum Wage, Subsidies, Price Ceilings, Price Floors
  • much, much more...
We Republicans are not the "anti" party...We are passionately "for" lots of evil stuff.

In an effort to help with their marketing woes, RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus released a 100 page report called the "Growth and Opportunity Project Report". It was released to lots of fanfare. Even Newt "Contract With America" Gingrich calls it "historic".

In the 100 pages, do you know how many times the word "Liberty" is used?


How about "Freedom"?


But the "historic" report does present the following (much more important) ideas:
  • If we want ethnic minority voters to support Republicans, we have to engage them, and show our sincerity.
  • When it comes to social issues, the Party must in fact and deed be inclusive and welcoming.
  • The RNC must build a nationwide database of African-American leaders.
  • Republicans need to talk about people and families, not just numbers and statistics. Female voters want to hear facts; many of them run the economies of their homes and understand economics better than the men in their families.
  • Republican candidates should advertise in college newspapers.
Hopefully you've copied and pasted a few of those for your notes. Those are gems.

The rest of the report talks about analyzing data, fundraising, marketing, etc.

Bottom line? It's a report that you'd expect to come out of a bureaucracy and it contains nothing compelling whatsoever. Republicans are desperately trying to come up with a way to get the numbers

They're even willing to put up with the haphazard Rand Paul if it means getting those votes. Libertarian votes are welcome, but libertarian ideas must be checked at the door.

Who's ready for the Bush trifecta?

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  1. The Republican Party is dying.

  2. Yeah, and he and his family are the ones that stacked them... What a scumbag!

  3. My great grandfather on my father's side came here straight from Sicily in around 1913 speaking zero English at around 20 years old, got a job in Packard and worked there 50 years.

    When he retired-he got a nice gold watch, put his son through dental school, owned his home and had enough money to live comfortably to his late 80's, my grandmother living to her early 90's.

    Though I have to say, there are still some immigrants coming here and doing well. Probably not as many, but the ones that are all seem to be in cash businesses and out of the tax net.

  4. really? Republicans candidates advertising in dead trees? truly? they want gays and blacks to vote for the same party that courts the crazy christians and the cracker vote and maldito infierno, he cruzado la frontera de un estado corrupto narco semi feudal, que me encanta, pero no se puede vivir y que quieren que aceptar su sinceridad?

  5. The average American is DUMB, but do we really think they are dumb enough to elect a THIRD Bush to the Presidency? Only time will tell...